Amazon Echo Speakers Live in Canada

With Christmas around the corner, Canadians can now ask Santa for an Amazon Echo. Amazon’s voice-controlled speakers that enable Alexa – a digital assistant is now available in Canada.

The cloud-based voice-activated digital assistant developed by Amazon allows you to control security systems, appliances and provides hands-free access to news, weather and music. Despite being a massively popular service in Germany, the UK and US; Amazon Canada only began shipping Amazon Echo this month.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo Tailored for Canadians

Amazon Canada said that Alexa would embrace a Canadian English accent and local knowledge. The company ensured the satisfaction of the Canadian market by allowing Canadian developers and specialists to equip Alexa with the necessary skills that it would need here.

Canadian companies were quick to jump on the benefits of Alexa, in fact, the Toronto Star partnered with Alexa. So, you can now ask your digital assistant for the Toronto Star’s trending headlines; including the latest from the online gambling industry!

The Toronto Star is joined by many other Canadian companies, including not limited to, Air Canada, Telus and Manulife.

Which Amazon Echo should you buy?

Canadians will only be able to purchase the second-generation Amazon Echo, but there are still options to choose from. You can choose from the following options:

  • Echo Dot
  • Echo
  • Echo Plus

Amazon Echo

Canada’s wireless market

In other news, December marks a new chapter for the wireless market in Canada. To explain, all smartphones must be sold unlocked, in other words, the phones must come ready for use. In addition, carriers are now required to unlock any smart devices, without any charge to the customer.

December 1st marked the new CRTC wireless code update and resulted in the above changes being implemented.

So, how does this tie in with online gambling? Well, you’re guaranteed a superb online gaming experience that won’t be drawn out should you opt to gamble on a new device. And, with all that Amazon Echo can do for you, you will have more time for relaxation and online casino entertainment!