Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Gold is a Microgaming innovation that is offered at some of Canada’s best online casinos. This is a scarce blackjack variant that is difficult to find as it’s one of the few single deck games available at online casinos. Maple Casino brings you online casinos which offer a wide selection of blackjack variants to choose from, including Vegas Single Deck Gold. The game’s graphics and animation are beyond optimal, with fast gameplay and different modes that allow you to customize the game; Vegas Single Deck Gold is a winner and could make you feel like one too.

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Basic Rules of Vegas Single Deck Gold

The objective of this game is to achieve a hand that is closer to the card value of twenty-one than that of the dealer’s. However, you must not go over the card value of 21.

  • Vegas Single Deck Gold makes use of one standard deck that consist of 52 cards.
  • The cards are reshuffled after each hand is played.
  • There is always a winner in the game of Blackjack, unless both players receive blackjack at the same time. In which case, it is a draw.

Why Play Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Gold at Online Casinos

Vegas Single Deck Gold offers gamblers a unique and rare online blackjack experience, as there is only one single deck of cards that is used in this variant of blackjack. It’s a great blackjack game to discover and explore with your online casino of choice. You can find Vegas Single Deck Gold among the blackjack variants at some of the best online casinos in Canada.