So you think you know Blackjack? Well, think again. Spanish Blackjack is a reinvention of the classic card game and promises to give you a new challenge to the way Blackjack is usually played.


The game features eight decks of cards, but each deck does not include the standard 52 cards. In each deck, the four Tens are removed, limiting you to the Jack, Queen and King who have a value of Ten. The aim is still the same as in regular Blackjack, where you try and beat the dealer to 21, but having four less Ten valued cards does affect the way you approach your bets and calls.

What Some Players Say:

“At first I thought it would be pretty easy, but those 4 Tens really make a huge difference. It’s a challenge, but it’s one that I welcome. I usually win my Blackjack games fairly easily but Spanish Blackjack you work that little harder for your prize, which makes winning all the more rewarding.” – John S.

“This is my new favourite, I thought Blackjack could not get any better, but boy was I wrong. My calls, folds and bets are much more strategic which I enjoy. After Spanish Blackjack, I doubt I would ever be able to go back to regular Blackjack. It’s a Blackjack revelation.” – Peter J.

Play Spanish Blackjack Now!

The harder you have to fight for it, the more rewarding it is when you get it. Spanish Blackjack takes the game to a whole new level. So join in on the challenge and push your Blackjack skills to the limit, you have everything to gain. Play now at Maple Casino recommended casinos!