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Blackjack has established itself as a favorite casino card game among gamblers all over the world. To experience pure blackjack gaming pleasure, visit Maple Casino recommended casinos and partake in a game of Multi-hand Blackjack Gold that is guaranteed to entertain you. Multi-hand Blackjack Gold is an incredible version of the blackjack game as you play with 5 hands at a time, thereby increasing the odds of winning significantly. This variant of blackjack, Multi-hand Blackjack Gold, has a challenging aspect that will be thrilling and stimulating to gamers who range from complete novice to absolute master.


Basic Rules of Multi-Hand Blackjack Gold

Multi-hand Blackjack Gold is very similar to standard blackjack, so there aren’t that many new rules to learn. The difference is that Multi-hand Blackjack Gold is played with 5 hands which opens the game up to interesting twists and turns.


  • This variant of blackjack is played using 5 decks that consist of 52 cards each.
  • Just like in other forms of blackjack, the dealer must stand on 17.
  • You are allowed to double down. However, this can only happen in specific situations.
  • Splitting is allowed only once.
  • Each blackjack win pays out 3:2, while the other hands pay out 2:1 odds.

Why Play Multi-Hand Blackjack Gold

This game is played with 5 hands so there’s 5 times the chance of winning with Multi-hand Blackjack Gold. Play Multi-hand Blackjack Gold at Maple Casino’s top-ranked casinos and experience five-times the luck you would ordinarily experience anywhere else. Maple Casino approved casinos bring this Microgaming creation to your screen for your absolute gambling pleasure.