European Blackjack Redeal Gold is a variation of the all-time favorite Canadian casino game, Blackjack. Microgaming’s Gold series contains games that are innovative and have the highest quality appearance and gameplay. These games perform better than other games, and they offer players with advanced game control through the settings panel.

European Blackjack Redeal Gold is one of the games in this prestigious grouping. Maple Casino is proud to present Canadian players with a review of this groundbreaking game to Canadian online gamblers. This game will completely revolutionize the way Canadian online players think about the game of blackjack.
European blackjack redeal

European Blackjack Redeal Gold Features

European Blackjack Redeal Gold has one unique feature that sets it apart from any other games of blackjack. This game allows players to redeal the cards that would have been dealt. The player can recall the last card played, redeal the dealer’s hand and redeal their own hand.

When a player chooses the “Redeal My Hand” option, their cards are removed, and two new pocket cards are dealt. However, when a player busts they only redeal the last card dealt. When the dealer’s hand busts then the redeal option is not available to the dealer.

The redeal option is not available when the player gets a blackjack. A hand that has been split will not receive the redeal option either. After a hand has been doubled down on, the player cannot reverse the hand by using the redeal option.

Moreso, Canadian players can use the redeal option a maximum of five times in each game. There is a cost associated with using the redeal option. This cost is displayed when you select the option to redeal. Usually, the cost of the redeal is less than the ante bet and in instances the option is free. However, when the option is free, it is usually to the disadvantage of the player to use this option.
European Blackjack Redeal Gold features

Playing European Blackjack Redeal Gold

European Blackjack Redeal Gold is played by the same rules as the standard European Blackjack. The pay tables are also similar. Canadian players will only notice differences in the quality of the gaming and the redeal option.
playing European Blackjack redeal gold

European Blackjack Redeal Gold Overview

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