Online Classic Blackjack Gold is a Microgaming upgrade from the well-known Classic Blackjack. The new Classic Blackjack Gold comes with improved animation and seamless gameplay. The casinos that Maple Casino recommends, offer Classic Blackjack Gold as one of their blackjack variants. Maple Casino recommends this game for novices who are just starting their blackjack journey. Classic Blackjack Gold is closest to the standard blackjack,which people are more familiar with. Blackjack Gold is the casino game that requires players to have a hand of cards of a value that amounts to 21. The player’s hand should not exceed 21 points.

Playing Classic Blackjack Gold at Maple Casinos Recommended Casinos

Starting a round of Classic Blackjack Gold begins with the player selecting an amount that they would like to wager. This wager is made on the hand about to be played. By clicking “Deal” the player can confirm the bet.  The player  will then receive two face-up cards while the dealer receives only one face-up card and one face-down card. The player then calculates the card value of their hand to determine whether they would like to “Hit” and receive another card or “Stand” and remain on the card value.  There is an option to click “Double” to double the bet and therefore the player agrees to take only one more card. Additionally, players can choose to click “Split” and split a pair into two separate hands.

classic blackjack gold online casino game

Why Play Classic Blackjack Gold at a Casino Recommended by Maple Casino

Classic Blackjack Gold is the perfect game to become acquainted with if you’re just being introduced to Blackjack. Once familiar with this version of blackjack, players are welcome to branch out and explore other variants of blackjack. All blackjack variants are offered by Maple Casino recommended casinos. The graphics of Classic Blackjack Gold have been significantly improved. So, it’s likely players will be thoroughly entertained by the animation and stimulating gameplay. Players can visit any of the Maple Casinos top rated casinos for an opportunity to experience this classy casino game with its huge winning potential. Anyone could be the lucky winner of the Classic Blackjack Gold.