Atlantic City Blackjack Gold is a great version of blackjack, offered at internet casinos recommended by Maple Casino. It is definitely one of the most entertaining blackjack variants around the world, especially in Canada.

The objective of this blackjack variant is similar to that one of the standard blackjack casino game. All a Canadian online casino player has to achieve a card value closer to 21 than the card value of the dealer’s hand in order to win. Microgaming’s Atlantic City Blackjack Gold has high-quality graphics and animation with a speedy gameplay structure. For a seemingly unlimited choice of blackjack, visit online casinos featured on Maple Casino where you can experience blackjack bliss.

Blackjack online - Atlantic City Blackjack Gold

Basic Rules for Atlantic City Blackjack Gold

Our devoted team of expert players know that if winning is the goal, then you have to implement background knowledge about the game. So below are a few basic rules that Canadian players have to know before they start gambling for real money on this game:

  • The game is played with eight decks that consist of 52 cards each.
  • The cards are reshuffled after each hand is played.
  • Achieving blackjack is an automatic win. However, if both players achieve blackjack at the same time, it is considered as a draw and you push.

Atlantic City Blackjack Gold Game Review

If you enjoy a fun version of blackjack, then Atlantic City Blackjack Gold is for you. As we mentioned before, this blackjack variant has many similarities to the traditional blackjack. However, it will definitely provide a new gaming experience for the avid blackjack gambler. To find entertaining blackjack variants, visit the top rated online casinos in Canada. This should not b a hard thing to do because CA players can always trust maple Casino to provide them with the best premier online casinos available in Canada.