Online Blackjack is a card game where players try to reach a hand total of 21. If a player’s total exceeds 21, this will result in a bust and an automatic loss. This is why blackjack is commonly referred to as 21. It is generally played with one standard deck of 52 playing cards. Depending on the version of online Blackjack, more than one deck of cards may be used. Internet blackjack is tons of fun because you can make money playing blackjack that you wouldn’t possibly be able to make anywhere else. What’s more, there are many variations of the black jack gratis games available for Canadian gamblers.

At Canadian online casinos, you’ll find every version of online Blackjack for money under the sun. The Maple Casino team have put together this quick guide to help you learn how to play blackjack 21 at blackjack sites in Canada. If you already know how to win money playing blackjack, you can also use our guide to refresh your memory and pick up on simple blackjack rules. Read on for a few tips on how to win online blackjack every time you play 21 card game.

Online Blackjack - Canada

Best Online Blackjack Variants for CA Gamblers

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History of Online Blackjack

The origins of Blackjack aren’t concrete, but we do know that a version was created in France. This game was known as Vingt-et-Un and was played during the 16th Century. Another game translated to one and 30 and was played in Spain around the same time. It’s believed that these two games had the most influence on modern Blackjack.

While Blackjack was still gaining popularity, the game was brought across to North America. To appeal to American gamblers, new rules were introduced. A hand made up of a Jack of Club or Spades, and an Ace of Spades would pay out 10 to one. This rule, in particular, helped Blackjack gain popularity across North America, though it’s not used today.

Online Blackjack - History CA

Online Blackjack Canada – Blackjack Free Games for fun

Online Blackjack free game is accessible at the best online gaming casino site that we feature, offers Canadians a host of different strategies that depend on how and where players choose to play. We’ve figured out that learning how to play 21 card game is pretty simple, but it is not to be taken lightly either. When playing free casino blackjack, before the cards are dealt all bets are settled. Once a Canadian player has learnt how to play blackjack at the casino, satisfied with their knowledge of online blackjack strategy, they can advance to multi hand blackjack strategy games. Whether you are playing at a land-based or online casino, you’ll be able to test your skills against other players with Live Dealers to see the different virtual blackjack odds. Play like a blackjack professional in no time with this simple blackjack game guide on the rules that an online Blackjack casino may have. Top gambling casino sites have free blackjack game download full version for desktop and mobile devices. Canadian players should always check if their selected casino has no free games. Blackjack download games are recommended for blackjack practice play mode sessions, especially for blackjack beginners.

Online Blackjack Rules

While the may be multiple variants of the online gambling game, the rules of blackjack are applicable in all the different versions of the casino table game. It is important to have a blackjack table background, hence we recommend starting with blackjack demo games first. Our team of gambling experts have assembled a blackjack for dummies guide which collated all the blackjack game rules used by the best blackjack sites. Here’s a list of twenty one card game rules when you play black jack online:

  • The dealer also receives two cards, one placed face down and the other face up.
  • Depending on the card count of the player’s hand, a player can choose to hit, stand, split or double down.
  • Players continue the game in this way until they decide to stand or they go over the card count of 21 (this is known as a bust). Each round is started by another round of bets, and then a new card is dealt.
  • The dealer’s hand is revealed last. The dealer must hit until their total exceeds 21, hits a card count of 21 or reaches 17 (at which point the dealer must stand).
  • If a player finishes with a card count higher than the dealer’s (but is under 21), or the dealer busts (goes over 21) then the player wins.

Online Blackjack Rules - Canada

Top 5 Online Blackjack Versions

Blackjack is one of the most popular online card games and is considered a Las Vegas classic. As a Canadian gambler, you’ll find a variant that suits you with this guide when you pick a blackjack website. Canadian online casinos have a huge variety of Blackjack games available like Pontoon game. Who knows, you might even be able to grab an online blackjack bonus while you play 21 online free. Below are a few of our top picks at Maple Casino recommended online casinos for CA gamblers.

  • Classic Blackjack Gold: the player’s challenge is to achieve a hand totalling 21 or less when the dealer either has a lower hand, or their hand exceeds 21.
  • Multi-hand Blackjack Gold: is one of the most popular and intriguing games out there. Multi hand blackjack online free is a mixture of classic blackjack rules and gives players a chance to play free 21 games.
  • Spanish Blackjack: The game features eight decks, but each deck does not include the standard 52 cards. This variant also comprises of live blackjack online real money games.
  • Double Exposure Blackjack: requires the dealer to place his cards face-up, giving you, the player an equal playing field.
  • European Blackjack: is by far the most popular variant of all, thus, players must familiarise themselves with the European blackjack basic strategy to win.

Online Blackjack Tips and Strategies

Blackjack is not one of the easiest gambling games. Blackjack online games for couples to play free make up some of the benefits of gambling at casinos that we recommend. We have compiled a few tips and tricks to suit both the novice (who we suggest should first try out the free blackjack no download no registration games CA) and the skilled player.

  • Real money online blackjack needs you to have a good strategy. This includes looking for games that have the best odds and understanding how to win online blackjack games. Online free blackjack practice games provide players with the opportunity to try out different strategies at no expense.
  • Playing online blackjack comes with a lot of benefits like bonuses, so if there is a bonus you’ve been saving for mobile online blackjack, consider using it to give your bankroll a boost.
  • Check what types of bets you can make before starting the game, this will allow you to strategize properly.
  • If you would like to practise first, then we advise trying free online blackjack Canada, many casinos have this option. Online blackjack no download is one option you can take, while free blackjack card game download is another avenue players can access.
  • Top Online Blackjack casinos will try by all means to increase their house edge, one way they do this is not allowing the player to double down after they split. Make sure you check this when preparing to play.
  • Real online blackjack means that if you cannot double down, hit instead.
  • If you cannot split then play your hand to its value.

Online Blackjack Gambling Glossary

Knowing the lingo is part of knowing the rules of the Online Blackjack game. Being acquainted with the gambling terminology below will aid any gambler’s gaming performance even when they play blackjack for fun.


When your total card count is higher than 21, this is considered a ‘bust.’ A bust will occur when you hit instead of standing with your hand.

Double Down

This is essentially doubling your original bet. It also means you agree to take only one more card (after which you must stand).


Taking another card to increase your hand total.


The total of the dealer’s and your hand totals are the same and are between 17 and 21. In this scenario, neither wins.


If you are dealt two cards that have the same value, you have the option to split them. This results in you having two blackjack hands against the dealer. Sometimes, players need to make a second bet for the second hand.


If you choose to stand, you agree not to take more cards. This means you will finish the game with the card count you had at the time of the stand.

Online Blackjack - Canadian Player Glossary

Online Blackjack FAQs

Can I play Blackjack free casino games online?

Yes, you can play free casino blackjack games for online fun. Many of Canada’s top online casinos allow players to play Blackjack free mode. We always recommend that players learn the ropes by taking the free blackjack game download option provided at top Canadian casinos online.

What do I need to play online Blackjack?

All you need to play online is a stable Internet connection and a computer or mobile device. You can play Blackjack on a normal PC, or through a mobile blackjack casino in Canada.

Is online Blackjack fair to CA players?

Yes, it is. One of the benefits of playing online is the Random Number Generators (RNGs). These randomise the cards you are dealt and add up your hand value for you. The best casino for blackjack will have their games tested regularly by third-party auditors. This ensures that your games are always fair and random.

Can you win at online blackjack using your mobile device?

Yes, of course you can. You can play blackjack online free no download games on your mobile device using your web browser. For players who prefer playing on the go all the time, real money blackjack app android and iPad compatible games are available at the App Store. Players need to ensure that have enough space on their mobile hard drive and ensure that there’s a stable internet connection to enjoy real money blackjack app games.