Online Bingo is a lottery style game which is enjoyed by many Canadian gamblers. The jackpots in online Bingo might not be bigger than those of online Slots and table games such as Poker and Blackjack, but the experience is exciting nonetheless. If you are quick on your feet (or rather – fingers) this is the game for you.

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Playing Bingo in Canada

The game of Bingo is played by Canadians every day. Be it in churches, community halls, land-based casinos or at social gatherings, this fun game offers entertainment galore. These are the places Bingo is played at traditionally. But, with the shift of many things to the virtual world, Bingo also made the transition.

How to Play Bingo

Traditionally, Bingo is played with a caller who calls out the numbers and the players who tick off the numbers on the Bingo card. The aim for the players is to be the first to complete the number sequence called out by competing with the other players. The winner is determined by the player who calls out the word “Bingo” first. To confirm whether the player has truly won, the player’s numbers and sequence is compared to the winning combination which was called out.

How to Play Bingo Online

Similar to the traditional version, the same concept applies in online Bingo. Instead of a real card, the play gets a virtual card where they can tick off the numbers as they are shown on the board. Just like in the classic game of Bingo, players get a card with a 5 x 5 (5 columns, 5 rows) grid containing 25 numbers. At the top of every column, there is a letter which forms the word “BINGO”. At the very centre of the grid, meaning row 3 on column 3, there is no number. This square with no number is usually marked with a star, the word “free” or the word “free space”.

Bingo Display Board and Bingo Cards

The Bingo display board is where the player sees the number they have to tick. These numbers range from 1 to 75 and are usually labeled with a letter of the word ‘BINGO” for every row. So, every row has 15 numbers in it. The numbers on the display board are in numerical order. On the contrary, numbers on the players’ cards are randomly scrambled. This makes the game more exciting as players will not necessarily know the exact location of a specific number when it is shown.

bingo display board

Online Bingo Tips and Strategies

Online Bingo is a game of chance. So, no skill, strategy and expertise is required. However, this does not mean that you cannot do certain things to prepare for the game. Below are a few questions you can ask yourself to ensure a better online Bingo experience.

Is the online casino safe and secure?

Whether playing Bingo or any other casino game, Canadian gamblers have to always ensure that their casino of choice protects them from any foreseeable damage. This is important because internet casinos require players to share personal and banking information. By choosing a casino with strong data encryption technology, players would be taking a very necessary step in protecting their information.

Is the casino legally certified?

By choosing a casino which is legally certified, gamblers can have the peace of mind that their preferred online Bingo casino complies with gambling industry standards. The best virtual casinos in Canada are not only the ones that operate legally, but they are also likelier to be audited by gambling authorities such as eCOGRA.

Does the online casino use Random Number Generators?

Like with many casino games, it is important that a Random Number Generator (RNG) is used in the game of Bingo. To avoid any unfair advantages, RNGs are used to randomize the numbers on the players’ Bingo cards as well as the numbers being called out.

Is free play available at the online casino?

When gamblers play online Bingo, and it is completely new to them, it can be quite daunting – especially when playing for real money. So, it is important for internet casinos to have free play as it allows gamblers the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the casinos’ games.

What is my bankroll?

Like any other casino game, online Bingo can be addictive. Thus, it is important for players to budget for their bankroll before they start playing and stick to it.

How long will I be playing online Bingo?

Just like the bankroll, it is vital to have time limits on gambling. When betting the same amounts, playing for longer periods of time also means spending more money. By restricting their Bingo playtime, it is also easier for gamblers to stick to their budget.

When should I stop playing?

Gamblers in Canada should know when to stop to avoid developing a gambling problem. Not only can this help players steer clear of serious problems, but it can also help them have a more enjoyable experience.

Bingo History

Bingo can be traced back to Italy in 1530. The game originates from a lottery-styled game which was referred to as “Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia” at the time. In the 1700s the game was advanced in France by the addition of calling out of the numbers, tokens and playing cards.

bingo history

The year 1778 marked the year in which “Le Lotto”, a French game, appeared. The layout of this game inspired the Bingo display design which exists today.

In the early 1920s, the modern version of Bingo was standardized at carnivals around the Western Pennsylvania and Pittsburgh area by Hugh J. Ward. Subsequently, he copyrighted Bingo and wrote the game’s rule book in 1933.

A toy merchandizer, Edwin Lowe, added even more to the game’s popularity in 1929. He saw people play the game called “Beano” according to the rules in Ward’s book at a carnival near Atlanta. Edwin Lowe then took the game to New York and by 1940, the game managed to spread nationwide.

It is said that the game got the name “Bingo” when a friend of Lowe’s yelled “Bingo” instead of saying “Beano” out of excitement that he won.


Playing Online Bingo on Mobile Devices

Like many other casino games, Bingo is available to gamblers in Canada on mobile devices. Players can enjoy a game of Bingo at their favourite online casino wherever they are. From Android and iPhone to Blackberry and Windows devices, casino games have become easily accessible to gamblers. Furthermore, not only can players play online Bingo on their smartphones, but on their tablets as well.

Online Bingo players in Canada enjoy the game at the best online casinos with the leading software providers. Many new players also find the game entertaining and easy to learn. If you would like to join in the fun of this exciting game, you can play it at one of the casinos shortlisted by Maple Casino.