Must-know World Series of Poker Facts

Must-know World Series of Poker Facts

Not only is the WSOP one of the most decorated events on the poker circuit, it’s one of the longest running. Needless to say, it’s made a number of memorable moments in its time.



Here are a few interesting facts you should know:

  • The WSOP has given away $3.9 billion in prize money during its time running
  • Overall, there have been just over 1.7 million players participating in the events
  • Men typically dominate the field of the main event. In 2022, less than 5% of entrants were women
  • Speaking of the ladies, the first-ever ladies event happened in 1977. It was a $100 Ladies seven-card stud
  • Phil Helmuth has won the most WSOP bracelets, totaling at 17. Four players – including Phil Ivey – are tied for second with 10 apiece
  • Antonio Esfandiari has collected the most in winnings at $22.3 million
  • Stu Ungar has won the most main events at the WSOP (1980, 1981 and 1997)

World Series of Poker

Who Are the Best WSOP Winners?

The WSOP Main Event has some of the biggest prize pools on the poker circuit. As a result, it’s not surprising that some of the biggest winners join the Main Event.

Here are five such victors:

🏆 Player: Daniel Weinman took home a record-breaking $12.1 Million in 2023

His main advice for taking the bracelet home

“Players should avoid getting burned out in the summer (there are plenty of poker events to enter before the WSOP), rather focus on getting enough rest to be able to play your best.”

His strategy obviously worked in his favor and gave him the stamina to strategically chip away at his opponents. Enough for his luck to turn with a jack, after holding a seemingly weak hand of pocket jacks versus kings and queens.

What is his choice of event at the WSOP?

Most surprisingly, it’s not the Main Event, but rather the $50,000 Poker Players Championship.


🏆 Player: Jamie Gold’s legendary bluff in 2006 was worth $12 million

His main advice for taking the bracelet home

“I would tell you not to be scared or nervous about anything. Respect other players’ games and, most importantly, play your own.”

It would seem that this advice held him in good stead as well as his ability to coax his opponents to play the actions he preferred. His display of brashness coupled with a sharp tongue amounted to psychological warfare at the table. A new rule was even made after this tournament, with the ‘Jamie Gold Rule’ stopping players from disclosing their live or folded cards.

What is his choice of event at the WSOP?

Based on his WSOP player profile, he enjoys entering the Poker No-limit Hold’em tournaments.


🏆 Player: Espen Jørstad outlasted 8,6632 players to win $10 million in 2022

His main advice for taking the bracelet home

“Stay focused on your match, try to ignore all the distractions and enjoy playing your best in a game of poker. It can be hard to stay in the zone when such big amounts are on the line, focus on your breathing or do some meditation.”

Jørstad’s advice stood him in good stead when it came to his duels with Adrian Attenborough. In the head-to-head games, he managed to pull off an impressive bluff catcher despite some tense moments while Attenborough contemplated whether to call or fold.

What is his choice of event at the WSOP?

His choice of play are the $25,000 High Roller tournaments.


🏆 Player: Hossein Ensan took the glory and the $10 million win in 2019

His main advice for taking the bracelet home

“It’s important to chill out and remain level-headed.” He’s also big on going back to basics and studying poker strategies to be a solid player.

Ensan is no stranger to the poker table having an established reputation for conquering WSOP and PokerStars alike. With such a solid foundation, you’d expect him to have a bigger ego, but he remains surprisingly humble about his poker achievements.

What is his choice of event at the WSOP?

He’s having fun in the High Roller scene and playing more $25,000 tournaments.


🏆 Player: In 2018, John Cynn went head-to-head to claim $8.8 million

His main advice for taking the bracelet home

Cynn was actually homeless during the 2018 tournament and his perspective on life changed when a close friend passed away. He focused on “being positive, making the most of the moments you get, and playing the best game that you can”.

It’s impressive that Cynn bounced back from finishing 11th at the 2016 WSOP, and his ultimate determination to win was seen in the 10-hour+ heads up match with Tony Miles, where he epically battled it out for the main prize.

What is his choice of event at the WSOP?

According to his previous entries, it’s either the $1,500 No-limit Hold’em or the $10,000 No-limit Hold’em Main Event.


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Want to Improve Your Poker Skills? Checkout Our Handy Tips

Poker is a game of skill, which means it can be sharpened and perfected. If you’re looking to get into the world of poker, get tips, strategies and so much more in our online poker page.

Here are three tips to help you get in the best shape for the WSOP:

1. Practice makes perfect

We have a number of top poker sites for you. To get better at poker, you have to actually, you guessed it – play! The more active you are, the more you’ll get a feel for the hands, the odds, the bluffing and the probabilities. Explore a variety of poker titles at our top sites to get a better understanding of the game.

2. Understand the math

Many players just play blindly but there is some serious math in the game of poker. Specifically, you want to think about odds. What’s the chance that your hand will turn into a Flush on the river? What’s the chance that your pair of sevens is the best on the board? What’s the proper bet size pre-flop based on your hand? You need to know the numbers behind the game. The better you understand the odds and probabilities, the more you’ll have an edge.

 3. Get a feel for personalities

Poker is a player-versus-player game and you have to be really good at reading your opponents. Are they bluffing? Are they actually holding a strong hand? Are they somewhere in the middle, hoping to land something on the flop? The more you play, the more you’ll start to see the personalities out there and frequent tendencies. If you can read the room well, you’ll do great at this game.

Join the Community of Poker This Year

Whether you’re planning to play or whether you’re just spectating, the WSOP should be on your calendar in the coming days and weeks. The main event is always a spectacle.

If you’ve honed your skills enough, it might be time for you to be one of the many entrants. Last year Daniel Weinman still went back to work four days after his WSOP victory, it just goes to show even the pros know when to fold or go all in.

You decide whether this high-stake tournament is for you, if not, we have plenty of online casinos that offer poker fans the opportunity to sharpen their poker skills and gamble responsibly.

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