Unveiling the Exciting Details of WSOP 2024: Get Ready to Be Amazed

Unveiling the Exciting Details of WSOP 2024: Get Ready to Be Amazed

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is the granddaddy of all poker tournaments on the circuit. It’s the event where poker players not only want to be seen lasting to the end, but to be seen as the ultimate, big winners.

While there are a number of tournaments as part of the annual event, the WSOP main event is the crown jewel. Win that and you’re set for life.

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With the 2024 edition of the event coming up, let’s take a closer look at everything you need to know about it:

This will be the 55th edition and it will take place from May 28th – July 17th. There will be a total of 99 events where players will compete to win the coveted WSOP bracelet. The main event, which is generally what everyone is eyeing, will start on July 3rd and run through July 17th.

Is there anything new to look forward to? Yes! This year, players can look forward to a number of new festivities, including a Pot-Limit Omaha Mystery Bounty event and a pair of Seniors $5,000 high roller tournaments.

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Where is the WSOP taking place?

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. As per usual, the will take place in Las Vegas. There are two main venues where the action will occur, be at Horseshoe Las Vegas and Paris Las Vegas, to be part of the live action. Both are located on The Strip.

How much money can you win in a WSOP tournament?

This is the million-dollar question. In short, the possibilities are endless, every event has a decent prize. However, the main event is the biggest pot, where the winner of the main event will take home a hard-earned $11 million.

💡 Fun Fact: The main event prize was higher in 2023 and the winner pocketed $12,1 million.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to win the main event to collect a big paycheck. Ninth place or better will take home at least a million. Meanwhile, $33,750,000 will be doled out across the tournament. That’s actually $750,000 more than last year, so they’re generously topping up the pot this year.

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Essential Steps to Secure Your Spot

Now that you know the what and when, here’s how to join the party. To qualify for the WSOP tournaments, you are able to join various satellite events online. If you win, you can get an invite. To play in the actual tournament, you’ll have to physically make your way down to Las Vegas. All of the events are either at the Horseshoe or Paris.

Can I play WSOP events online?

You can sometimes find a satellite tournament to qualify for the WSOP or play a tournament where the prize is a WSOP entry. However, you can’t play any of the WSOP events online. They did go online during the COVID-19 pandemic, but of course, that was due to the circumstances. Nowadays, everything is back to in-person action.

How much money does it take to enter a tournament?

Given that this is the pinnacle of the sport, it’s not going to be cheap to play. They try to make the buy-ins high enough, so that only people who are serious participate. Keep in mind that some buy-ins are smaller than others. You can buy in for as little as $500 at some events while other events require as much as $100,000.

The buy-in for the main event is $10,000, so that’s no pocket change. However, as everyone is paying that much for a buy-in, that’s what makes the prize pool so incredible.

How many people compete?

We won’t know how many participants will be at this year’s tournament, but last year’s main event had 10,043 players. That smashed the previous record, which recorded an around 8,773 attendees. The event continues to grow each year and it wouldn’t be surprising to see a new record set for entries.

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Poker satellites at WSOP: what are they and how do they work?

The poker satellites are events with prizes that are WSOP credits. While that may sound a bit confusing, you’re essentially playing in events where the prize is not necessarily a cash prize but a prize that covers your entry fee for different tournaments at the WSOP.

For example, there’s an event where the winner earns a $10,000 buy-in credit for the WSOP Main Event. While you’re not winning $10 grand, you’re getting your fee covered for the main event at the WSOP, so then you can go and see what to do there.

In some cases, the four or five-figure buy-ins at the WSOP are out of the price point for players. Playing in these smaller, satellite events gives them an opportunity to win and get in to the 2024 WSOP.

Why does it take so long to get to the main event?

While there are a ton of events at WSOP, the most talked about event is the main event. Let’s take a closer look at what it is and what to expect.

This year’s main event will start on July 3rd, and it will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. While the start date is July 3rd, it won’t finish until July 17th. That’s because there are so many entries, it will take time to go through the participants and whittle the field down to a final table.

How to qualify for the main event

You don’t need to qualify for the main event. This is a come one, come all event. Anyone who has the $10,000 buy-in fee is able to go and play. You can even head down to Sin City in-person, walk up to the front desk and buy your way in.

Those who want to qualify and have someone else pay the fee, can do so via satellite events. Typically, the prize for those tournaments is a buy-in into the WSOP main event.

Don't Miss Out on the Action: Here's Where to Watch the Poker Action

If you’re looking for traditional networks to watch, you can catch a lot of the WSOP tournament on CBS Sports Network. Those looking for online streaming options will be able to catch the action on PokerGo.

Review your poker techniques and put them to the ultimate test by watching WSOP’s main event! You have just over a month to polish your strategies before the major pot comes into play. Who knows? Perhaps you will be one the facing off with the poker elite at a future WSOP tournament.

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