Tipping at Casinos in Canada

Tipping at Casinos in Canada

If you’ve never tipped casino staff during your gambling sessions, you should probably consider doing so moving forward.

It’s true that in 2022, online casinos in Canada are the place to be, but some of us can’t resist the pull of stepping foot in a traditional, brick-and-mortar casino every now and then. But, with these visits comes a certain responsibility: tipping.

We’ll get you up to speed with everything you need to know about tipping so that you can make a great impression the next time you visit your favourite Canadian casino.

Why Is Tipping at Casinos So Important?

More than being a way of saying ‘thanks’ for an enjoyable game, tips help casino dealers and staff to supplement their wages.

Tipping dealers, slot machine attendants, servers, and cashiers is as important as tipping your cab driver or the waitress at your local diner.

Casino staff deal with thousands of gamblers every day and night, traipsing up and down the casino floor in an attempt to improve your experience as a player.

A tip is a nice way of showing your appreciation to those who go the extra mile to make your gambling session a fun, and satisfying one.

How Much Should You Tip During Table Games?

You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to games at your local casino of choice.

Craps, roulette, baccarat, poker, and blackjack are the standard table games you’d find at any decent establishment. Basically, any game with a live dealer is a table game, and players of table games are expected to do certain things.

Generally speaking, you should consider tipping your dealer somewhere between 15–25% of the amount of your buy-in.

Naturally, this total may grow if you’re making bets at a table for hours on end.

But that’s if all goes well and you find luck to be on your side.
No one would blame you for leaving a smaller tip if you are misfortunate enough to lose a large sum in a matter of minutes.

Casino gambler at a table game

Should You Tip with Money or Casino Chips?

You have the option of tipping your dealer with real money or casino chips.

However, simply handing over some of the chips from your stacks will get you some filthy stares from surrounding staff. That’s because casinos want chips to be solely used for gambling.

As an alternative, tip your dealer with chips by placing them outside your designated betting area.

Follow this action with a clear statement that the chips are for the dealer.

In most cases, your dealer will use the chips to gamble alongside you and try to increase their tip further.

If you’d prefer to keep your stack intact, you can tip them the old-fashioned way with money at your own discretion.

Keep in mind that no matter how low the stakes are, it’s advised that you tip your dealer a minimum of CAD$5 per hour spent at the table. If you’re playing for higher stakes, you may want to consider tipping a bit more.


While tipping at casino sites isn’t as prevalent, it is possible in some cases.

Some sites have prohibited tipping during live dealer games, and others simply don’t expect it.

It’s up to you to check out the legalities surrounding tipping at the online casino you choose to play at, if you want to show your dealer some love.

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