How Casinos Make You Spend More Online

How Casinos Make You Spend More Online

For decades, brick-and-mortar casinos have been keeping players happy and engaged with flashy lights and sounds, free food and drinks, intoxicating fragrances, and ambient lighting. Casino sites have their own techniques to keep players spending for hours on end. They use the same principles and apply them to the online realm. We’ll delve into some of the tactics that can lure you into spending too much and exceeding your budget.


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If you’ve ever stepped foot in a land-based casino, you’ll be familiar with the traditional sounds of slot machines. The echoes of plinking coins, fast-spinning reels, and alarm bells are music to the ears of slots aficionados. Even players who steer clear of slots will know and recognize these characteristic casino noises. Although real money slots don’t feature levers or real reels, developers have cleverly added these classic sounds to the games.

When it comes to announcing a win, online operators have ensured that players will be greeted with loud, celebratory music – no matter whether you win a few dollars or a couple thousand. A concept in psychology known as the ‘flow state’ comes to mind. The idea is that individuals become so absorbed in their current pursuit that they no longer register or recognize unrelated activity. Think about the phrase ‘tunnel vision’ and you’ll get a better understanding.

Casino sites use this concept to their advantage. They employ sound design to immerse you and keep you focused on the reels you’re spinning, waiting with great excitement for your next win. In this state, it’s easy to overspend (in terms of both money and time). Keep in mind that the more time you spend on a particular casino game, the likelier it is that the house will win.

Lights and Colors

Sound design isn’t the only tactic used by casino websites to get you hooked. They also wield flashing lights and specific colors to enthrall players. Most of us associate flashing lights with celebrations, big events, and happy memories. When you’re highly excited, you’re more inclined to let loose and have some fun. This is precisely the attitude that makes us want to play games and take risks.

You’ll notice that online card games use vibrant colors and animations during gameplay. You’d be hard-pressed to find a dull, visually displeasing casino game – no matter the genre. For example, live dealer rooms are beautifully decorated and intimate. The dealer will be dressed to the nines, either in a gorgeous, sparkling dress or a dapper suit and tie. It’s been scientifically proven that looking at certain colors has a direct impact on our mood, and casino sites know this well.

Bonus Deals

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How often do you see bonus banners pop up on your screen when you visit an online casino? These notifications don’t stop there, though. Undoubtedly, casino bonuses can be a huge advantage to your online gambling experience when used mindfully. Bear in mind, however, that these bonuses often come with hefty rollover requirements that you will need to meet if you wish to withdraw any winnings. You’ll have to wager the bonus amount a number of times before you’re eligible to withdraw, which means that you may end up spending more than you initially had in mind.

Emails and Codes

Similarly, if you share your email address with a casino online, you’ll be the recipient of a number of bonus codes on a weekly, or even daily, basis. These emails also include competitive offers, information about new games, and marketing narratives alongside links just waiting to be clicked. This type of communication, although irritating at times, has more of an influence on our psyche than we know. A few persistent reminders can make us eager to try our hand at some new games or take advantage of that exciting bonus code.

Website design

Casino operators also use impressive site design to drive deposits and traffic. You can see why web design is such an important part of digital marketing strategy. A site’s interface, aesthetics, and navigational elements can go a long way in increasing the time spent on a page. Without a doubt, the longer you spend browsing a casino site, the more likely you are to select a title from the game library and start playing. The fact that operators often display your account balance alongside the games you’re playing also drives you to deposit more.

Fuss-Free Payment

Here’s one thing that give online casino sites an advantage over land-based casinos. It’s incredibly easy to switch from a game’s page to the deposit page and make a quick transfer to replenish your account. On mobile platforms, this process is even more streamlined. At land-based casinos, traipsing over to the shabby ATM in the corner can be quite a sobering experience. It’s certainly one way to put you off that next poker game. Online, the fuss-free process is less likely to deter you from continuing your session.

Gamble Responsibly

Despite all of the above, internet gambling is a wonderful pastime. It’s been known to increase mental agility and improve your mood. Above all, you can actually make a profit – or take home a massive win – in the process.

At this point, however, you should have a better understanding of the tactics that casino sites employ to keep you spending. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye out for these techniques, and understand how they can impact your behavior. Spending responsibly is the key to having a profitable online gambling career.

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