10 Poker and Casino Memes to Brighten Your Day

10 Poker and Casino Memes to Brighten Your Day

With all the craziness that our world is right now, we thought it would be fun to take a little break from the doom and gloom of news. News. News. What makes people smile more than a good meme? A bad one. That’s why we scoured the internet for some poker and casino meme’s that made us laugh, cringe and relate too hard… We hope you enjoy as much as we did.

  1. Quarantine Before and After
Tiger King Meme
via pokerlolz

This one almost hits too close to home, eh?

  1. Pick. Up. 4.
Uno meme
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We can only assume your at home games are getting a little stuffy… why not change it up with the addition of some uno?

  1. We’re waiting…
Mr Bean Meme
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Picture this exact scene, but in your living room or wherever you’re self isolating.

  1. Did you see that?
Dice Casino Meme's
via maple casino

This is definitely worth a double take.

  1. It wasn’t me, it was the mouse!
Misclick Meme
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We can almost guarantee we’ve all made this face after a bad mis-click.

  1. If you’re still feeling silly about that mis-click…
Kim Kardashian Meme
via me.me

We. Have. No. Words. (except these)

  1. Because animals make everything better
Poker Cat Meme
via meme guy

Okay but his poker face is impeccable. Isn’t it?

  1. Seriously, I will.
Taken Meme
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Will this scene ever not be meme-able? Probably not.

  1. Go ahead.
Jordan Peele Casino Meme's
via poker central

I’m not sweating? You’re sweating…

  1. We can’t even handle stakes this high
Toilet Paper Casino Memes
via reddit

You really thought we would get through this whole list of poker and casino meme’s without one toilet paper joke?

We hope you enjoyed this little break from reality and maybe even chuckled once or twice. Our team here at Maple hopes you are all staying safe, healthy, happy  and most importantly, washing your hands. And when you’re ready to take poker seriously again, travel to an online casino in Canada that we recommend to get the best experience.

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