6 Quick Tips to Improve Winning Scratch Cards Online

6 Quick Tips to Improve Winning Scratch Cards Online

Scratchies are famously easy, fun, and, most importantly of all, require little to no skill to enjoy. It’s no wonder then why gamblers all over the world love this lottery-style game. If luck is on your side, you may find yourself the lucky recipient of a generous prize. But what if there’s more to it than luck?

Many online scratch card fans think this might be the case. They say that wielding the right combination of techniques, coupled with Lady Luck’s favour, can significantly improve your chances of scratching a win.

These top tips might help you improve your own odds.

1. Stop Buying the Cheapest Scratchies

It’s easy to understand why players opt to buy a bunch of the cheapest scratch cards instead of one or two pricier ones. More cards must imply better odds, right?

Not necessarily. Lower-priced cards are cheap for a reason — the prize pool is much lower. This means that even if you do scratch and reveal a winning number or symbol, you’re probably not going to win too much in prizes.

Rather, buy a few pricier cards with a more appealing prize pool. That way, if luck’s on your side, your winning result will actually be worth more than a few dollars.

Quality really does trump quantity when it comes to scratch cards.

2. Buy Cards in Bulk

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If your budget permits it, some scratch card fans advise you to buy in bulk. We’re not countering the previous point, though.
Instead, buy good-quality scratch cards in batches of 5 or more.

This is way more effective than buying one after the other — with no end in sight. The latter would quickly lead to you burning through your online casino account.

Buying 5 or more cards with decent prize pools will likely increase your odds of hitting a win.

3. Choose a Game – and Stick to It

If you’re determined to win, consider sticking to one online scratch card game. Naturally, choose one that you enjoy and that offers prices suitable for your budget. The theory behind this tip is that when you play multiple random scratch cards from a few different games, it’s more difficult to pick a winning card.

If you’re buying tickets for the same game, each losing ticket essentially brings you closer to finding a winning ticket.

There is a vast range of exciting scratch card games available to Canadian players. Some of the most popular include Dawn of the Bread, A Nightmare on Elm Street Scratch, and Call of the Colosseum.

4. Don’t Ignore the Fine Print

Most scratch cards, or games, have terms and conditions attached to them.

These terms outline the odds of winning, as well as the size and sum of the prize pool. If you’re looking for a specific type of scratchie or game, reading the fine print will help you narrow down your search.

For example, if you’re looking for a scratch card game with a massive prize, playing a game with a dismal prize is a waste of your time and funds. The small print will get you up to speed with everything you need to know about a particular card or game.

5. Don’t Get Rid of Your Old Tickets

This pointer is more applicable to traditional scratch cards. If you’re still heading to your local store and purchasing physical scratchies, this one is for you!
When feeling stressed or hurried in any way, it’s easy to give a card a quick scratch and a ‘once over’ glance instead of a good look. This increases the possibility of missing a win.

To avoid making this grievous error and missing out on a potentially life-changing prize, be sure to keep your cards and look over them at a later stage.
In rare cases, jackpots are never won. In response, manufacturers sometimes request losing tickets in order to pick a ‘best loser’. It doesn’t happen often, but you never know.

6. Establish a Budget

As important as establishing a budget, is actually sticking to it. This applies to all other online casino games, too. If you burn through your casino account too quickly, chances are you’ll keep adding funds to your account – even if you don’t have the means to do so.

Prevent this type of problematic behaviour by setting yourself a daily, weekly, or monthly scratch card budget. Sticking to it is essential if you want to establish healthy gambling practices.

Final Thoughts

While it’s impossible to guarantee a winning online scratch card or game with the above tips, applying some of them to the best of your ability could definitely increase your odds. Pairing them with healthy budgeting and a side serving of luck may be the winning recipe you need to scratch a win.

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