Safe Casino Banking Options Canada

Safe banking options are offered by a number of Maple Casino approved casinos. These casinos have a wide variety of banking options for Canadian Players. Simply explore the casino banking options below to find out more.
There is no shortage of deposit methods when you are playing for real money at online casinos in Canada. It’s just a matter of which one (or two, or three) you are going to choose.

Safe, Secure Banking Options

The 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption system keeps these casinos secured. This enables you to deposit your money safely, so what’s yours stays yours. Safe online casino banking options are all smart and verified, so your cash is always in trusted hands.

Casino reviews should tell you what type of security they use. It also isn’t difficult to find out which spots have had issues in the past. Once you feel confident your money is in a safe place, the rest of your decision-making process should be relatively straightforward.


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Minimum Deposits Casinos

Finding a casino with low minimum deposits is a good way to test a potential online casino partner. There are some online betting shops that allow new players to deposit as little as $5. That’s a small committee to test drive all the popular slots and table games. You can check out how safe it is in regards to your information, how the games play, and whether the general feel of the shop suits your preferences.

Many trusted online casinos have low minimum deposit amounts for new players. Usually, it depends on the method of payment you are using and sometimes, currency can also come into play. It would be in your best interests to check out which casinos have these low deposit amounts.

Deposit Options

There are a few ways to choose from in terms of making safe deposits at online casinos in Canada. The most popular options are MasterCard or Visa, Neteller, Entropay, Skrill, but there are many more ways to deposit and withdraw your money at an online casino. Withdrawing your Money

Nobody wants an unpleasant casino banking experience at any bank and thus, at Maple Casino, we make sure that we do not list online casinos that make this complicated. Withdrawing your money should be as easy as depositing it. All Canadian online casinos should have a variety of different withdrawal mechanisms, all of which will give you secure, efficient and fast access to your money. Normally your money will always be refunded via your method of purchase initially, and then to your chosen method of purchase (PMOP).

Credit Cards

Credit cards continue to be an extremely popular method of making deposits at online casinos. You usually have a higher deposit limit on credit cards because it’s the preferred method of payment for casinos.

It is also very fast in terms of processing, and overall, most of the top online casinos will accept a wide variety of credit cards. Of course, the most common credit cards are Visa and MasterCard, but a few also accept American Express and you might even be able to find a couple that accept Discover.

Is it safe to make deposits with credit cards at online casinos?

-Credit cards are safe to make deposits with at online casinos. Most credit cards offer fraud insurance as well or payment refunds in case something funny happens.

Is there a limit to how much you can deposit?

-There might be a limit, so make sure you check with the casino you’re using. The limits you can deposit are usually higher with credit cards than with any other method of payment.

Are there any fees involved with making a deposit?

-If there are any fees, it would be from your credit card company. Contact someone from your credit card company to make sure there are no surprises.

Debit Cards

Debit cards are on the rise at online casinos. Most online casinos will accept Electron and Maestro, which are run by Visa and MasterCard, respectively. Check the website of your preferred casino and you’ll be able to confirm which debit cards it accepts.

Like credit cards, using a debit card is quick in terms of processing and it is also incredibly safe. Since people pay with most purchases by plastic nowadays, online betting boutiques have had to improve their security.

What is the biggest benefit for using debit cards for online bettors?

-Credit cards need to be paid back to avoid interest whereas debit cards allow online bettors to use money already in their chequing account.

How long does it take to process payment from a debit card?

-Debit cards are generally one of the quickest ways to make a deposit at trusted online casinos. For the most part, you can start playing with 24 hours of signing up.

Bank Transfers

Bank transfers have been around for a long time at online casinos. However, it has definitely improved in its security as well as its processing times. Some of the more popular brands to make deposits at online casinos with are iDebit, eCheck, Trustly and Instant Banking by Citadel.

Wire transfers and bitcoin are also suitable methods of making safe deposits at your online wagering shop. Some believe bank transfers are more secure than using credit cards at online casinos.

How long will it take for a wire transfer to go from your bank account to your online casino? Will it cost you anything?

-You should confirm with your online casino to see how long it takes them to process your payment. However, it can take days, or sometimes weeks, for your payment to go through. Also, wire transfers are usually include higher transfer fees than other methods of payment.

-Is eCheck a safe way to make a deposit at your online casino?

Yes, all you need is a valid chequing account. If you’re used to using checks, this is the way for you to go, and there is a shorter wait time to process it.

What is the most important factor to consider when using bitcoin?

-Bitcoin is popular because it is incredibly safe to use. At the same time, the price of bitcoin is extremely volatile, and that can be troublesome for online players.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are another deposit option at online casinos. They have quickly become one of the quickest and safest options to use. You simply load up your card or voucher with funds from your credit or debit card, and it basically acts like those options. The most popular brands here are EntroPay and Paysafecard. The latter was actually purchased by Skrill, which is one of the leading brands in the e-wallet industry.

What are the benefits of prepaid cards?

Prepaid cards are great for online casinos for number of reasons. You can only spend what you have on the card, so you can’t go overboard. It is also extremely safe; these cards require 16-digit PINs, which come with the card.

There are some players who don’t like having casino activity on their credit cards. Some banks look down on this, so a prepaid card is a helpful workaround.

What are fees for using a prepaid card?

It doesn’t cost you anything to make a deposit with a prepaid card, although you should always read your agreement to confirm.


E-wallets had a quiet beginning in the online casino industry, but it has since increased its footprint as most of the major casinos accept them now. The aforementioned Skrill is one of the most popular brands that you’ll find and of course, PayPal is accepted at most online casinos. Neteller and ecoPayz are two more popular brands.

Do your research when looking for a way to make deposits at online casinos. Check out our reviews of the most trusted online casinos in Canada to see what options they have for you.

Why are e-wallets a good alternative to credit cards?

Many players prefer e-wallets instead of credit or debit cards for their depositing needs. That adds a layer of safety to the process. Once you win, you can do what you like with your money.

Your financial information isn’t given to online casinos. Also, it allows you to have control over your spending because, like prepaid cards, you can only spend what is in your e-wallet.Casino Banking – Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal policies from one online casino Canada real money to the other have slight differences and our experts have listed the typical process. All cash-ins will be subject to audit before being processed. The player will have to provide Vegas Partner Lounge with a copy of their proof of identity, a recent utility bill not older than 3 months that reflects the players’ address details, copies of the front and back of all registered credit cards at the casino, an approval signed purchase history and/or other appropriate documentation when withdrawing credits.

Players need to remember that the proof of identity must exactly match the registered name and surname of the casino account. Failure to provide the necessary documentation after it has been requested, or the submission of fraudulent documentation, means that the players’ casino account will be locked. As a result, all winnings and/or cash-in will be void and/or any cash-ins will be refunded to the players’ casino account. Any amount less than $/£/€20 will not be cashed out and will be credited back to the player’s casino account.

How to Withdraw Funds

Your chosen online casino  will have a BANK button, you will need to click on this. You will then have to select a WITHDRAWAL option, there are many to choose from. After that you can then select the amount you would like to withdraw. Once you have completed the withdrawal process, the amount will leave the balance, which will be in a pending status for 24 hours. This means that you can reverse your withdrawal within 24 hours of submitting your request. Thereafter the withdrawal will be in the casino’s cash-in management system.

Please remember that you don’t have to withdraw your winnings at the end of each gaming session. You can leave your account with a positive balance, which will automatically be saved in the system and made available to you the next time you log in and play.

You are able to withdraw a positive balance in your account and receive your money via one of the payment.

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Cash Check / Play Check

Fairness and Reliability

If you’re concerned about fairness and reliability, you’ll be pleased to know that the online casino of your choice should offer you two ways to track your interactions.


View a history of your financial transactions by simply clicking on the CashCheck icon within the casino software. You’ll get full details of your casino purchases and payouts, provided in a bank-like statement.


Check and review all your game play activity. This web-based utility, which is accessed from within the casino software, provides you with a detailed, bank-like statement that catalogues and details each and every wager.


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