Slots are the most popular type of gambling games in Canadian casinos. It is little wonder as to why when these games combine great themes, visuals and sound designto create an absolutely amazing gaming experience. If you have ever been interested in learning how to play slots properly, now is your chance. With Maple Casino’s one stop guide to playing slots, all Canadian gamblers will soon be winning massive prizes on their favourite slot title.

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Learn How to Play Slots

With our step-by-step how to play slots guide, Canadian players will never feel confused while playing the top slot machines online. Read through to learn all you need to know about slot game rules.

Step 1 – Picking a Slot Game

Regardless of whether you are playing online or in a land-based casino, the first step of playing slots is always picking a good game. Canadian gamblers should pick a game with a theme that they find appealing as well as one that they know they will understand. For example, if you think 5-reel games are a bit confusing, stick to playing 3-reel games.

Another important thing to pay attention to while picking a game is slot payout tables. These tables indicate exactly how much a player can win with each symbol combination.

Once they’ve done this and started up the game, they will need to choose their bet amounts. This means having to deal with paylines and reels, which we will explain in the next step.


Step 2 – Understanding How Slot Paylines Work

So, each slot game makes use of paylines (also known as payout lines). Paylines are the sequences in a slot game through which players are able to win bets on. Although the number of paylines included in a game may vary from slot to slot, their function remains the same in each and every title.

Ultimately, before Canadian gamblers start placing any wagers at their favourite CA online casinos, they need to select how many paylines they would like to be on. Some games may only have one payline whereas other may have five or more. Always remember that the higher the number of paylines you select, the greater your chance of winning (but also the higher the amount of money that will be spent on each bet.)

After CA players have selected the number of paylines, they are able to begin playing. Some players may, however, be confused about what each symbol means in the game and how they work. Proceed to the next step if you are one such player.

How to Play Slots Canada

Step 3 – Learning the Symbols

While every slot game may be different with regards to themes and images, most do make use of the same gameplay functions with special symbols. There are two symbols that CA gamblers will encounter in most popular online slot games:

  • Wild Symbols – these symbols can be used instead of another symbol to create a pattern and win cash prizes. However, it is important to note that they cannot be used to replace bonus or scatter symbols.
  • Scatter Symbols – these symbols perform two functions. Firstly, they reward players with cash payouts. Secondly, players can earn free spins bonus rounds when matching up a specific number of scatter symbols.

As mentioned with scatter symbols, Canadian players can earn bonuses in-game while playing slots. For a full explanation on how these symbols work, please proceed to the next step.

Step 4 – Understanding Slot Bonuses

It is important to note that players can earn extra bonuses can be earnt in-game while playing slots, including free spin games. The stipulations for these free bonuses and bonus rounds may vary from game to game. Some may require players to max out bets, whereas others are dependent on scatter or other bonus symbols.

While playing a game, Canadian players will quickly be able to deduce how its bonus rewards system works if playing close enough attention.

What are the Odds for Slots?

The exact odds a player faces when playing slots depends on the title they are playing. Even so, we can say that the average return-to-player (RTP) average payout percentages of slot machines online is anything between 95 and 98%. Something to keep in mind is that this is markedly higher than that seen at land-based casinos, which is usually around 82% or lower, depending on the casino. (So, for good odds, we do recommend playing online

Another thing to keep a close eye on is each game’s pay table. A game’s paytable displays the ratio between the amount of money bet and the amount of money won during a single wager and exactly which combination of symbols result in a win. With 3-reel single line slots, it is generally very easy to understand the paytable.

However, with many new games making use of multiple lines and reels, it a larger number of combinations can be compiled meaning that it can be quite confusing to understand which combinations result in a win.  Every slot game online does make paytable information easily accessible to the player though.

Basic How to Win Slot Strategies

Many Canadian players like asking: “How can I win playing slot machines?” However, the truth of the matter is that slot games are entirely based on luck, so there aren’t all that many concrete strategies Canadian players can to implement while playing. That said, there are a few more general gambling strategies each player can keep in mind during their next gaming session. These include the following:

Play Slots with Smaller Jackpots

The best titles to play to ensure a win while playing slots are those with smaller jackpot prizes. These games generally tend to have higher RTP percentages meaning that more players earn winnings while playing these games.

We all know that slots with progressive jackpots look very attractive due to the potential of a big pay day. Although the sum may look very pleasing, do remember that online progressive slot games work with a network of different casinos contributing to the overall pool. This means that many players have contributed to the overall pool and that it is highly unlikely that you’ll win while playing such a game.

We’re not saying don’t play progressive jackpot games, however, we do believe that you shouldn’t spend your entire bankroll on them.

How to Win Online Slots

Stop When You’re Winning

Remember that a gambler’s lucky streak can and will vanish at any given time. When you’ve seen a big win during a gaming session, it’s generally better just to cash out until your next gaming session. This is particularly true if you’ve just one a large sum of money.

The last thing any Canadian player wants to do is win a big prize and then lose it all during the same gaming session because they didn’t know when to stop playing.

Avoid the Martingale Strategy

Some gamblers will tell you that the best slot machine strategy is the Martingale strategy. With this strategy, players double their betting amount every time they lose, meaning that they will be able to recuperate their lost cash amounts much quicker.

While our team is not entirely against using the Martingale strategy, we do believe that it is not in the best interest of slot players to be using this betting method while playing a game as random as slots.

Know When to Switch Games

Just as Canadian gamblers should know when to stop playing, they should also know when to switch games. If you have spent a significant amount of your bankroll on a particular game and have seen no returns, perhaps it is time to switch games.

There is no reason to keep playing a game that you’re seeing no returns on, no matter how appealing it appears to be in other areas.

Pro Online Slot Machine Tricks and Tips for Canadian Players

Just as the strategies we provided above may seem very general, these pro slot tips may seem so too. Despite this, we can guarantee that you will have a better gambling experience while playing slots online if you do follow them.

Select Games You’re Interested In

Gambling is a recreational activity for most people. This means that the ultimate aim of slot players should be to have a good time while gambling online. The best way to do this is to select games you actually like and play them.

Play Slots with a Budget

Remember that you should always start your online gambling session with a budget. Canadian players should never spend more money than they’re able to while gambling online. If you find yourself having trouble sticking to a budget while playing online games at Canadian casinos, you may have need to seek professional help.

Don’t Play Slots Under the Influence

This may seem like common knowledge, but people are more reckless when they are under the influence. Playing casino games online while drunk could lead a player to make stupid decisions that have negative lasting consequences. For their own benefit, Canadians should not play slots online while under the influence.

Slots History

Online Slots Rules

While the true date is unknown, it has been suggested that the world’s first modern slot machine was invented between 1887 and 1895 by in the United States by a man named Charles Fey. The machine consisted of three reels containing three classic card game symbols (spades, diamonds, hearts) along with a liberty bell and horseshoes. The game dubbed “Liberty Bell” proved to be a huge success with the gambling public, leading many others to produce their own version of the machine.

By 1907, the inclusion of “bell-styled” slot machines had become common place in many public areas including barbers, saloons and cigar stores. These games would remain highly popular with casual gamblers who visited these establishments.

In 1963, the first fully electro-mechanical slot game was created by Bally Entertainment – a company known for manufacturing pinball machines. The game was titled “Money Honey” and proved to be very influential within the gambling industry. Not only was it the first game to make the lever non-functional, but it also became the first game to automatically payout players large sums of money.

Since then, video slot games have seen many different developments, with first real video slot game being introduced in 1976, with territories all over the world adding their own spin on popular titles. Canadians gamblers can now enjoy their favourite slot games online, regardless of whether it is a simple slot game similar “Liberty Bell” or an adrenaline-pumping video slot.

How to Play Slot Machines FAQs

How do you play slot machines online?

Playing slots online is rather simple. All you have to do is sign up to a reputable online casino (we’ve got a load of them listed on our site) and then deposit some cash. You will then be able to play your favourite games to your heart’s content.

For a list of casinos in Canada that provide the best online slot gaming experience, visit our online slots page.

Are online slot games fair?

Just like their land-based counterparts, online slots make use of a random number generator to provide players with results. This means that all results spins result in completely random outcomes. As long as Canadians play at trusted casino sites, they can rest assured knowing that the games they are playing make use of RNG systems.

Which are the best slot games to play?

This depends on the player and what their own personal preferences are. Some players prefer simpler games reminiscent of the old “Liberty Bell” slot whereas other love 3-D slots that make use of popular motion picture theme.

Remember the point of gambling is to have fun, so the best game is the one you think is most fun to play.

Can I play online slot games for free?

Most of the best Canadian online gambling sites allow gamblers to try out games for free first. We actually really recommend that new players do this before placing any real wagers.

Can I play any online slot game on mobile?

Unfortunately, due to platform capabilities, not all online slot games are available on mobile. Despite this, however, most of the best Canadian casino sites still provide players with a large game library on mobile.

Do online slot rules differ from game to game?

The basic slots rules for all games are very similar. If Canadian players follow our how to play slots guide, they will know all they need to about online slots rules.

Can I earn bonuses while playing online slots?

Online slot games are designed to gift players with game extending bonuses if they’re lucky enough to see the right symbols. Who know, may the next time you play, you’ll keep on getting those scatter symbols in the right order.