Types Of Bingo Games And How To Win

Types Of Bingo Games And How To Win

On the surface, Bingo is a simple game. Think about Bingo and images of community centres filled with octogenarians, sucking on hard candy comes to mind. But there’s actually a lot more that makes this game tick, and being able to play online has opened up the old classic to a new generation of players.

For one thing, there are actually quite a few types of bingo games to play, including rapid-fire bingo options that are bound to get your heart pumping.

Different types of Bingo Games

Although the bingo game list isn’t extensive, there is still plenty to sink your teeth into. Bingo game types vary depending on the number of balls in the drum and the size of the playing board. Names of Bingo games are pretty self-explanatory and relate to the number of balls in the drum.

75 Ball Bingo

Probably the most popular of bingo variations in Canada, 75 Ball Bingo is played on a 5×5 grid containing 25 squares. All the squares are numbered, with the exception of the middle square which is left blank.

To win you need to scratch off rows or columns. Various patterns can also be created to claim a win, and we’ll go into more detail about these patterns later on.

80 Ball Bingo

It you want to play bingo online, then you might want to give 80 Ball Bingo a go. This game was created specifically to play online.

It plays out on a 4×4 grid with 16 squares, the objective is to match your card to the winning pattern for the game.

90 Ball Bingo

Talking of different bingo games, this one isn’t too popular here in Canada or the US, but you’ll find it aplenty on the other side of the pond and in the rest of the world.

It is played on a bingo card with 3 rows and 5 columns. Three winners are announced during the game: the first to one row, then to two rows, and then the final winner who completes the whole board of 15 squares.

30 Ball Bingo

One of the increasingly popular Bingo game variations is 30 Ball Bingo, often called Speed Bingo. With an Ariana Grande sized 3×3 playing card, the game lives up to its name. To win this one you’ll have to fil in all the squares, but with only one prize up for grabs, you’ll quickly learn that great things do come in small packages.

Bingo Calls

Rhymes, looks like the number, or relates to the number in a special way.

One of the best quirks of playing in a Bingo Hall is the use of Bingo game number names. These are the nicknames relating to the numbered balls read out by the caller.

This Bingo lingo either rhymes with the number, is named after what the number looks like, or pays tribute to something special relating to the number.

1 – Kelly’s eye

2 – One little duck

3 – Cup of tea

4 – Knock at the door

5 – Man alive

6 –Half a dozen

7 – Lucky seven

8 – Garden gate

9 – Doctor’s orders

10 – [UK Prime Minister’s name]’s den

11 – Legs eleven

12 – One dozen

13 – Unlucky for some

14 – Valentine’s Day

15 – Young and keen

16 – Sweet 16 and never been kissed

17 – Dancing queen

18 – Coming of age

19 – Goodbye teens

20 – One score

21 –Key of the door

22 – Two little ducks

23 – Thee and me

24 – Two dozen

25 – Duck and dive

26 – Pick and mix

27 – Gateway to heaven

28 – In a state

29 – Rise and shine

30 – Dirty Gertie

31 – Get up and run

32 – Buckle my shoe

33 – Dirty knee

34 – Ask for more

35 – Jump and jive

36 – Three dozen

37 – More than eleven

38 – Christmas cake

39 – 39 steps

40 – Life begins

41 – Time for fun

42 – Winnie the Pooh

43 – Down on your knees

44 – Droopy drawers

45 – Halfway there

46 – Up to tricks

47 – Four and seven

48 – Four dozen

49 – PC

50 – Half a century

51 – Tweak of the thumb

52 – Danny La Rue

53 – Stuck in a tree

54 – Clean the floor

55 – Snakes alive

56 – Shotts Bus

57 – Heinz varieties

58 – Make them wait

59 – Brighton Line

60 – Five dozen

61 – Baker’s bun

62 – Turn the screw

63 – Tickle me 63

64 – Red raw

65 – Old age pension

66 – Clickety click

67 – Stairway to heaven

68 – Saving Grace

69 – Favourite of mine

70 – Three score and ten

71 – Bang on the drum

72 – Six dozen

73 – Queen bee

74 – Hit the floor

75 – Strive and strive

76 – Trombones

77 – Sunset strip

78 – 39 more steps

79 – One more time

80 – Eight and blank

81 – Stop and run

82 – Straight on through

83 – Time for tea

84 – Seven dozen

85 – Staying alive

86 – Between the sticks

87 – Torquay in Devon

88 – Two fat ladies

89 – Nearly there

90 – Top of the shop

Winning Bingo Patterns

A few special Bingo games offer you whole new ways to play Bingo. Besides winning through completing lines and columns, you can also win by completing special patterns on your Bingo cards.

Here are a few wacky and traditional bingo patterns you might need to look out for when playing 75 and 80 Ball Bingo:


Also known as the Full House, to Blackout your board, you’ll need to mark every number on your board.

bingo blackout


For this pattern, you’ll need all four corners and then alternative blocks throughout the board to make a checkerboard pattern.

Bingo checker board

Four Corners

Get all four corners of the board to complete this pattern.

Bingo four corners


This one is the classic winning pattern and will get you a win in every version, with the exception of 30 Ball Bingo. Vertical, horizontal and corner-to-corner diagonals all apply.

bingo lines

bingo lines


Completing patterns is one way to explore different bingo game ideas. One of the more obscure patterns, the butterfly looks like it went through a slightly twisted form of metamorphosis resulting in teeny-tiny wings.

bingo butterfly


Are you starting to love Bingo? Well then, this pattern will be close to your heart.

bingo heart

Outer Edge

Also known as a picture frame. With this pattern, you’ll need to cover all the outer edges of the Bingo board.

bingo outer edge


Resembling a kite flying in the sky, you’ll need to either form a small kite, or the slightly trickier large kite to claim this win.

bingo kite


Climb up the five stairs of this staircase to complete this winning pattern.

bingo staircase

Postage stamp

Signed, sealed and delivered to offer you a win. The double stamp is harder to hit but will give you a bigger reward.

bingo Postage stamp

Lucky Clover

Hard to hit since it covers most of the board, but all you need is a little extra luck.

bingo Lucky clover

Wine Glass and Six Pack

Wine connoisseur, or do you have more of a taste for a cool Bud? Whichever you are, this might be the pattern for you.

bingo wine glass

Numbers and numbers

Some winning patterns form the shape of numbers and letters. For an extra twist, special patterns like “Crazy 7s” And “Crazy Ts” fall on their sides.

bingo numbers

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