Super Bowl 2018 Odds: Eagles stable at 4.5 points

With less than three days to go before this year’s main event, sportsbooks in Nevada seem content to let the Eagles odds stay at 4.5 points heading into kick-off. The spread initially opened with the Eagles, massive underdogs, being given odds of as much as 6.5. These are the longest odds of a team winning the final of the Super Bowl since 2009. Such attractive odds brought in many bets on the Eagles, which led to sportsbooks changing the odds slightly to encourage more votes on the Patriots.

Super Bowl 2018 betting

After the initial influx of betting on the Eagles and the subsequent odds adjustment, it seems most bookies have stabilised at 4.5 points on an Eagles win. There are some sportsbooks offering better odds of an Eagles win, with Caesars, the Westgate, Superbook and Station Casinos, all opting for a less attractive wager of 4 points.

The consensus among the top sports betting groups remains at a less optimistic 4.5 points on the Eagles. This does present a more attractive option for people who like long odds. The biggest operator in Nevada, William Hill, which operates over 100 betting facilities, as well as CG Technology, Cosmopolitan and Tropicana, have all settled at 4.5 points. Wynn and Mirage are also included in the 4.5 group.

As for over/under bets, it seems Las Vegas has settled with 48 or 48.5 points.

Super Bowl – Smart Money Still On Philadelphia

According to CG Technology, over twice the amount of money to date has been placed on Philadelphia over the New England Eagles. Caesars claims their wagers on Philadelphia to date are at least three times as much as the Eagles. Despite earlier bets going to the attractive 4.5 points on the Eagles, it seems people are now going with the smart bet on the strong favourites to win. Bookies are starting to feel that better will close up at around 5 or 5.5 on the Eagles, which may cause another minor flurry in betting.

Another consideration which cannot be ignored is that Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski confirmed he is returning from injury and will feature in the final. As one of Tom Brady’s number one choices, his inclusion will lead many to think the Patriots have even better odds at winning.

Additional Wagers

We have become accustomed to sportsbooks offering some weird and wonderful bets. This year players can bet on Justin Timberlake’s halftime performance and whether or not Janet Jackson will make a surprise appearance. The outcome of the coin flip generated minimal income last year on a heads or tails result.

This year betters can still gamble on the 2018 coin flip. At present heads is wagering at 1.5 times more than tails. The implied odds are currently 50.5 percent in heads favour over tails.