Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation Online and Mobile Betting Expansion

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation announced that they are planning on expanding their mobile and internet sports betting size. The company is on the look-out for a corporation to assist them in the expansion. The expansion will also open doors for more off-beat kinds of gambling, such as betting on eSports and novelty betting.


Tony Bitonti Speaks

Tony Bitonti, the Open Learning Group (OLG) spokesman stated that it is too soon to determine the outcome of the final product, but stated that there are other jurisdictions that allow gamblers to make novelty and eSports bets.

He further said that: “In the past few years betting on eSports raised in popularity. There are a number of eSport tournaments taking place each year.” He described that: “Novelty betting is making a bet on an outcome that is not a part of sports or athletic events.”

The Expansion of Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation’s Focus

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation‘s expansion is mainly fixated on sports betting, but will also allow gamblers to place wagers during live games. This is something not previously offered by OLG. OLG is planning on including new products to provide a broader scope of betting options for a larger diversity of events. This will include major international sports and Northern American sporting leagues,” said Bitonti. Perceiving that the development concurs with OLG’s strategy to substitute and update trade lottery depots across Ontario.

Since the procurement process recently started. OLG is unable to determine the cost of the expansion and when the launch will take place. OLG expects to choose a company to assist them with the venture before fall 2018.

Ontario will merge with four jurisdictions in Canada that are currently focused on eSports, novelty betting and online sports. The jurisdictions include British Columbia, Atlantic Canada, Manitoba and Quebec.

The Jurisdictions and What They Bring to the Table

Players have the choice between loads of novelty wagers in Manitoba and British Columbia. The topics vary from predicting a probable Trump accusation to the amount that the upcoming release of the new Star Wars motion picture will accumulate at the box office.

The Atlantic Lottery Company in Atlantic Canada introduced a mobile device app which allows online players access to games and to obtain custom alerts.

 The Finance Minister of Ontario Speaks

The Finance Minister of Ontario, Charles Sousa stated that the Ontario government stands behind OLG’s internet expansion but wants them to continue focusing on responsible gambling. He said that: “We been focusing on the modernisation strategy. We’re looking at growing and defending customer activity… The situation is that much of the internet activity that happens is unregulated and a lot of people are exposed.” He further added that: “In my situation, I have a social responsibility obligation. I must also ensure that we invest in things to help gamblers with addiction.”