Calgary man, Derek Maher, couldn’t believe his luck when, earlier this month, he decided to look at his lottery ticket.

Just days after the Jan. 3rd Lotto 6/49 draw, he went to a self-service ticket scanner at a 7-Eleven to see if he had won anything. Once scanned, he was sure he had won something but couldn’t quite make out how much.

Calgary lottery winner Derek Maher

He states he didn’t have his glasses on at the time, so couldn’t read the numbers as they were blurry. All he says is that there were a lot of them. Seven figures to be exact.

Derek had to call his daughter to the store to help him make sense of the situation. It soon became apparent that he was the sole winner of a fantastic CA$5-million jackpot!

Derek says it hasn’t quite sunk in yet, and he hasn’t really made any plans on what to do with his winnings. However, a cruise to Panama with his mother is a strong possibility. He also mentioned how great it is that the money will now provide long-term financial stability for his kids.


This story follows on from previous news in early January where a winning ticket was purchased in Victoria and formed part of the winning draw. An expected CA$1-million was up for grabs to whoever owned the winning ticket. No detailed information existed on the exact location the ticket was purchased. If you are from Victoria, scan your ticket as you could be CA$1-million richer! This winning draw has still not been claimed.

It was also mentioned that a ticket purchased in Calgary, had matched all six numbers and was the sole grand prize winner. However, no one had stepped forward to claim it. Obviously, since then Derek has done just that. We’re sure Derek is glad he scanned his ticket and claimed his grand prize!