Are live casino games better than regular ones?

Are live casino games better than regular ones?

In a word… yes. Live Casino games are amazing. They bring you closer to the action than any other form of online casino game. Live dealer games have a great social aspect, and you can play them anywhere you find yourself.

What is a Live Casino?

Live Dealer Casinos are a set of casino games that are played in real-time, with human dealers. The live casino is usually filmed in a specialized studio that broadcasts the games directly to players. Although sometimes games can be broadcast from popular land-based casinos, as well.

Players have a virtual seat at the table, but the cards or playing instruments are real.

Do all online casinos have a section offering Live Dealer games?

No, although it is becoming more widely found at top online casinos, creating live casino sites is an expensive endeavor.

On top of the software, running a Live Dealer casino also requires studio time, camera crews, professional dealers and croupiers. This all needs to function together 24/7, so the people involved work in shifts.

What are the advantages of playing at a live casino?

What’s not to love about a live casino? It’s fun, easy to play and convenient. Let’s break down all that we think makes Live Dealer games worth your time. And money.

Cutting edge technologies

From the start of Live Dealer casinos in 2010, they have always used the latest technology. While playing, you can communicate with other players seated at the same table, as well as the dealer, in real time.

There are already Live Dealer sites that use special cameras to make use of a virtual reality setting (such as Immersive Roulette).

No Dress codes

‘No shirt, no shoes, no service’ is not a thing when playing Live Dealer games. Fortunately, the camera just faces one way.

So, feel free to dress anyway you like. Comfy pjs, Christmas jumpers and silly hats are all encouraged.

While you are at it, make yourself comfortable. You can sit in your favorite chair and eat and drink whatever you want while playing.

Always available

Anytime you want to play, day or night, Live Dealer sites are open and ready for you to play. The only thing you need from your side is a stable internet connection and a decent graphic card. No need to download any software, Live Dealer games are available to play on any browser, or ‘on the go’ on your mobile.

Real-life dealers and croupiers

What really creates the atmosphere in Real Casino games are the dealers. These professionals really know their stuff, so you can rest assured that they understand the games in detail. Live Dealers facilitate the pace of the game, answer relevant questions and can help bring a lively atmosphere to the table.

Real time action

Live Dealer games are broadcast in real-time via live streaming. The whole idea behind Live Casino is to bring you closer to the action. It makes use of real card decks, shuffling devices and roulette wheels.

You might be playing virtually, but the games are real and in real time.

You might even notice a TV in the background of a live dealer studio playing current news programmes. This is a clever way to prove to you that they are in fact streamed live, and not pre-recorded.

You can chat to the dealer and other players

The social aspect of a Live Dealer site is one of the things that most appeals to online players. Being able to chat to dealers and other players seated at your table can make the game more fun. It makes it feel like you are playing with your friends.

This function is the ultimate way to bridge the gap between online and land-based casinos. But please keep in mind that the players and dealers are real people. Keep it professional and polite. Name calling and aggressive behaviour is likely to get you kicked off the table and possibly even banned from the casino.

Special promotions

Most casinos providing Live Casino games also create a special bonus offering for Live Casino players.

These can be some of the most lucrative bonus available. This might include a welcome bonus for new players, as well as regular rewards given to loyal players. Reload bonuses and free bets are both likely to be up for grabs.

A few pitfalls of live casinos

It’s never a good idea to not get a rounded idea of anything that you are learning about. Just because Live Casinos are great, we’d be dishonest to suggest there aren’t a couple of disadvantages of playing games at a live casino.

Background noise

Whether being filmed from a studio or a brick-and-mortar casino you need to keep in mind that Live Dealer Casinos aren’t filmed in a vacuum. So, there might be some noise from other games. On top of that, some players have noted canned noises added to games, which are created to make the atmosphere feel more real, but actually, sound a little artificial.

Not all games are available

As we’ve mentioned. Live Casino games are a fair bit more expensive than virtual games, so casinos need to focus their resources on the most popular games. On top of that, it isn’t always technically possible to offer all games in this format. For example, craps wouldn’t really work in a Live Dealer setting.

Live casinos have tried to make the best of this limitation by creating a whole new type of live game. Game-Show-style games like Monopoly, Crazy Time and Dream Catcher have become increasingly popular. Instead of placing you at a casino table, these games aim to make you the star of a game show. These games are quick and fun and a great way to get the feel for a Live Dealer site.

Higher minimum stakes

Again, somewhat of a cost issue, to make it viable for casinos to provide a Live Casino, they need to up the minimum stakes in games. While the stakes in virtual games can be as little as $0.01 a hand, you will struggle to find the same in a live casino.

Same applies to playing for free in a live casino. In other parts of an online casino, you’ll most likely be able to try all the games for free before wagering any real money. The same isn’t true in a live casino. So, be sure you thoroughly understand the rules of the game before wagering your hard-earned cash.

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