Sports betting in Canada 2021

Sports betting is widely enjoyed all over the world, which allows players to place a wager on the outcome of sports matches. These people have high hopes that their bet is correct to receive exceptional payouts in return. The number of sports available for people to wager on differs from culture to culture.

However, the most sports bets are placed on include; Football. Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, and Rugby. However, sports betting has also been known to go beyond athletic events. Sports betting may also include political elections, boxing and MMA, horse racing, and greyhound racing.  Let’s take a closer look at where it all began for Canadians.

Sports betting casino

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The History of Canadian Sports Betting

Sports betting is nothing new to Canadians, in fact, it pre-dates the arrival of Europeans in Canada. The first form of sports betting took place on toboggan, snowshoe, canoe races, archery, spear throwing, and running events. Here people placed their bet on the outcome of who they thought would win.

In 1892, Canada banned all forms of legal gambling, with the exception of horse race betting. Over the decades that followed more and more exemptions were made to the act to legalise more forms of gambling. However, it was not until 1969 where the governments of each province were allowed to conduct their lotteries.

Through the years not only has sports betting become immensely popular but there is also a wide array of sports that people can choose to bet on. As a result of the widespread population of sports betting, sports betting centres began to pop up worldwide. Nowadays due to modern technology and the need to have access to everything at the push of a button, sports betting has been taken to a whole new level with online sports betting. Online sports continue to grow exponentially in popularity, providing players with a chance to be a part of the action, with the convenience of mobile access.

History of Sports betting

Sports Betting Online

Sports betting, although easy to understand, might be somewhat of a task for novices in the online sport betting space. So, to break it down, we at Maple Casino will provide players with some step by step insight on how to bet online at our top-rated casinos.

For starters, the player must choose a sport on which to make a bet. Then, the player must choose the team that they are supporting in this particular sport. Going forward, the player can place bets, on the online sports betting site of their choice. Once the player has chosen a site, a team and a sport, they can then start to place bets on a number of probable outcomes. From betting on which team will win, to a more detailed bet of how many goals they will score and how many goals they will win by. The detail of the game will be fully dependent on the player placing the bet.

Online sports betting

Online Sports Betting Types

Sports betting commonly referred to as live betting, comes in many forms, shapes and sizes. Players also have the choice of the platform on which they would like to place their bets.  There are different types of sports betting practices that can be put in place such as;

Exchange Sports Betting

This bet allows a player to choose whether they wish to establish the odds of the bet themselves or stick to the current odds that are being played.

Fantasy Sports Betting

A moderately new type of Sports betting, whereby online players get to set their sports team and place that team in competition with other teams. Thereafter, the teams compete while the online gambler bets on the outcome of their Fantasy sport. Your bet then hangs in the balance of whether or not your chosen team will claim victory.

In-Play Sports Betting

It is said that In-Play Sports Betting provides the player with greater odds. The name ‘in-play’ explains it all, what happens is, the player bets on certain goals or points that will be made, by which team and when, while the game is in play.

Spread Sports Betting

Spread Sports betting is one of the more complex types of bets. The reason that this sports bet is believed to be more involved is that it requires a lot more detail on the gamblers part. Not only is the bet placed on which team will win but also on, when goals will be scored, and how many of these goals will be made.

The kinds of bets that can be made within these betting types are;

If Bets

‘If bets’ work on a basis where two bets are linked by the ‘if’ clause which determines the betting procedure. Thereafter if the initial bet conforms to the aforementioned clause, then the second will be given action. Subsequently a third bet can bet made on the prerequisite of the second clause and so on.

Lay Bets

Whereby a player places a bet that is contrasting to the sporting events outcome, instead of giving an actual result. For instance, a gambler may bet against Brazil to make it to the semi-final of the Soccer World Cup.

Proposition Bets

These bets bring along with them a lot of detail and specificity. Proposition bets require the gambler to place a bet predicting precise numbers of either points or goals of that particular sporting event. If this prediction does not pull through, the gamblers bet will be unsuccessful.

Types of Online sports betting

Different Sports for Canadian Betting

Before online sports betting came to be, sports betting was very limited regarding the sports that could be bet on. Players only had access to wagering on traditional sports, namely rugby, football and basketball. However, as time progressed sports betting got increasingly popular and so the number of sports that were involved in sports betting began to multiply. Below are a handful of the many sports that Canucks can get involved in.


Boxing brings with it a thrill of unpredictability. The reason for this is, most boxing matches begin with a clear underdog, and as soon as you think you know who to bet on, the game changes and the underdog makes a comeback. Due to the volatility of this sport, it makes the betting process an exhilarating one.


There are three different types of bets that can be made in golf. Namely, they are, specific player bets, tournament bets, or hole-in-one bets. Each bet wagers on its own outcome, whether you bet on the performance of a specific player, on who will win a tournament, or whether someone is going to make a hole-in-one, respectively.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the oldest forms of gambling and sports betting. Much like boxing, horse racing is very unpredictable, and most of the time the distance between racers are very close making the betting process so much more intense.

Soccer and Football

In Canada, there are two forms of football, one of them being the traditional American football and the other being Soccer. Betting on these sporting types is very similar, a gambler is expected to bet on a winning team, and sometimes betting goes as far as how many goals will be scored.

The Odds of Sports Betting in Canada

Sports betting odds can be presented either in the form of fractions or decimals, with fractions being the most common of the two. The American odds betting system, which is widely used in Canada, is based on money line betting.

These bets are either expressed with the use of a + or a – symbol.

What this shows is; odds that are expressed with a + symbol, will indicate the amount of money a gambler will win for a stake. However, if a – symbol is shown, it indicates that the odds of the amount of money the gambler would have to put at stake in order to win.

Sports betting Glossary

Sports Betting Glossary

Betting station

This is where players go and place their bets if they are not wagering online.

Credit betting

Credit betting is the term used for when a player places a bet without making a deposit.

Dog player

A term used for the people who like to gamble on the underdog.


Exposure is the amount of money that could be lost by the sportsbook to the bets of winning players.

Future Bet

Betting on the outcome of an event that will occur in the future. These bets could be placed before the season of a particular sport even begins.

Half time Bet

These bets are based on the predictions of the second half of the game.


The total amount of money that has been on the wagers of sports betting.


Hedging is when a gambler bets on both sides of the match. They do this to lower their chances of losing, and guaranteeing themselves somewhat of a profit.

Straight bet

A straight bet refers to when a gambler bets on only one aspect of the game, whether it be an athlete, a team, or even a horse.

FAQ keyboard

Sports Betting FAQ


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