Cinerama Slot Review

Cinerama Online Slot Review

Lights… Camera…Action!

Not every casino player enjoys slot games filled with features. There are those who prefer playing online slots that offer fewer features but more action. However, just because these slot(s) are simple in nature doesn’t mean that they don’t offer massive winning opportunities. On the contrary, some of them have plenty to offer.

One such game is Cinerama slot machine. This is a Playtech marvel that will take you straight into the classic movie theatres. And despite having a simple design with less complicated features, it’s as rewarding as any other modern slot. If you are looking forward to knowing how to play Cinerama slot game, our review will take you through the specifics.

About Cinerama Online Slot

One of life’s best and perhaps simplest pleasure is being out in the cinemas. The majority of us have often let go and lost ourselves in the plot, forgetting the cares of the world. But today is a slightly different day. The cinema comes to you and it comes with a little bit of excitement.

We are talking about Playtech’s Cinerama slot game. This is one of the few online slots that has suitably used a cinema theme and added the rewards and excitement of the casino to it. And if this is your lucky day, Cinerama slot(s) can award you up to a maximum of $95,000 from a single spin.

Immediately you fire up the reels of Cinerama slot(s), you might mistake it for a classic slot, mostly because of how simple the game. It’s not a classic slot though as it was launched sometime in 2008, when the slot games weren’t much advanced. However, Playtech has incorporated some nice graphics and sleek animations on the 5 reels, 3 rows and 5 paylines. They’ve also chosen to set the whole game in an old-fashioned gaming cabinet, much like the ones found at the brick and mortar casinos.

Right above the gaming cabinet, you can be able to see the cinema’s director, perhaps trying to get a number of actors to perform their roles as they are filmed by the cameraman.
How do you become part of the Cinerama online slot? You are meant to play the role of a second director. You’ll be calling out the cast and showing the cameraman how to use some equipment. In return, if you successfully manage to execute your duties, you’ll be rewarded with cash prizes.

Cinerama Online Slot Gameplay

In the spirit of continuing with the simplicity nature of the game, Playtech has included an extremely friendly bet range in Cinerama slot game. You can start betting from as low as $0.01 per spin up to a maximum of $0.25 per spin. This means that any casual gambler or anyone with a hefty bankroll can easily wager max bet and stand a chance of winning the top prize of 10,000x multiplier. And how do you manage to win this top prize? Simply land five of the wild symbols on an active payline to achieve this.

As far as the symbols are concerned, they are all in sync with the Cinema theme. As we’ve already stated, you are going to meet a director and all props associated with a movie set. Expect to come across lights, a camera, microphones, script books, loudspeakers, a movie reel among many other symbols. And we must say that Playtech has done a good job designing these symbols as the look and feel is on point.

How does these symbols pay out? The script, clapperboard, film reel, megaphone, strip of film, star, spotlight and microphone will award you with payouts of 1,000x, 800x, 600x, 500x, 400x, 300x, 200x and 100x your bet.

In-game Features

Your main objective as you play Cinerama slot game is to align symbols from the left most reel, side by side to form wins. How much you win and the features/bonus rounds you activate depend on the combination of symbols you land on the reels.

Headphone Bonus

Even from the name itself, you already know that in order to trigger this bonus round, you need to land at least three headphone scatter symbols anywhere on the game’s reels. Once active, you are required to pick a movie that fascinates you. Whatever movie you pick comes with a reward, which is hidden behind it. The award could be cash prizes or multipliers.

Director Bonus

Here, you are playing the role of a director and in order to trigger this bonus round, you have to land three or more director symbols – this time on an active payline and not on the reels. As soon as the game comes to live, you assume the role of the movies’ director. You’ll be given an option of selecting a female or male actor to assume the role of the main character in an upcoming film.

As soon as you’ve made your selection, you are whisked away to an awards ceremony filled with pomp and colour. Here, you will be bestowed prizes in cash form based on how successful your film is.

Cinerama Online Slot Playtech

Cinerama Slots Progressive Jackpot

We all play slots for the fun and prizes that accompany them, right? Well you’ll be pleased to know that in addition to the fun role of being a director in Cinerama slot(s), you also have a chance of winning the game’s progressive jackpot. And in order to do this, you need to land five of the game’s wild symbols on an active payline.

How much is the Cinerama online slot progressive jackpot worth? It doesn’t have any pre-defined amount. As a progressive jackpot, slot machine Cinerama has a seed value of $300,000. For those of you who are new to playing slots, the seed value is the staring value of the jackpot. And any time you play Cinerama slot game, a small percentage of your bet goes towards the $300,000, making it to grow to astronomical amounts.

So, any lucky player can win the Cinerama progressive jackpot when the figure is at $300,001 or $1 million. It all depends on how luck you are!

Is it possible to play Cinerama slots online for free?

Yes, it’s very possible to play Cinerama slots online for free. However, the free to play version does not feature the progressive jackpot. If you’d like to take a shot at the game, you’ll have to sign up at recommended Playtech casinos, make a deposit using the available payment options and start playing for real money.


If you are looking for a game that has incorporated classic elements as well as modern day graphics, then you should try out Cinerama online slot. Give it a go today by spinning its reels and see if you can be the next person to win its progressive jackpot. You’ll feel like a film star when you play this online slots version, because it has the lights, it has the cameras and it has all the action that you’ll ever need!

Cliff Spiller

Cliff Spiller

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