Call of the Valkyries Slot Review

Call of the Valkyries Online Slot Review

Woah! The first time I fired the Call of the Valkyries online slot up, I mistook it for a clip picked from the latest Avengers: Endgame film. If you’ve watched the movie till the end, do you remember the scene where Thanos called for fire from above, which devoured every person on the battlefield? Call of Valkyries Online Slot is much of it. It bears so much resemblance that I had to cross-check just to confirm that indeed it was Call of the Valkyries slot game that I was playing. Not only is it realistic, but it’s also very dramatic too!

By choosing to play Call of the Valkyries slot game, you’ll be joining the Valkyries on their heroic quest to discover some of the most honourable warriors on the battlefield. They will turn some of these warriors into wild symbols during several in-game features and bonuses to reward you with cash prizes. Far from that, there are also some other exciting things going on during gameplay, which we are going to look in this Call of the Valkyries slot game review.

About Call of the Valkyries Online Slot

Playtech has chosen to set Call of the Valkyries slot(s) in an era when the Norse warriors dominated the earth. A time when these ruthless and heartless warriors went out of their way to conquer riches and land. Much like the United States today?! Not quite though…because in Call of the Valkyries slot machine, it’s all about fighting for nobility and an opportunity to enter Valhalla. This makes it special and lets you fight alongside the Valkyries, watching your mates back, hoping to emerge victorious in the battle. If you survive the battle, you are awarded multipliers, free spins, and other extras to boost your wins.

Visually, Call of the Valkyries slot(s) is a beau to look at, and there’s no question about this. This is thanks to the fact that Playtech has included several well rendered symbols all related to the Norse mythology and those that were especially related to the battlefield. They include the likes of a shield, helmets, axes, a horn and we can’t forget to mention Thor’s hammer in all its glory.

Of the listed symbols, the horn is the most valuable symbol of all. When you land five of these symbols on an active payline, you’ll receive a 20x multiplier on your multiplier.

There’s also a wild symbol that’s denoted by the WILD symbol. This symbol can substitute for all the other symbols besides the scatter to form win combinations. If you’ll find yourself looking for more divine intervention, know that this wild symbol has the power of appearing stacked on one reel or all the five reels. If it happens to cover all the five, then it triggers a special bonus game.

Graphic and animation-wise, you’ll also like Call of the Valkyries slot(s). As we’ve stated in our introduction part, the game looks as if it has been picked straight out of a Hollywood blockbuster movie. Playtech has also included several features from the God of War video game. If you’ve played the game, you’ll realize that there’s so much resemblance to the game; from the snow-capped mountain in the background to the battlefield where the epic war is taking place. This is perhaps the reason why this medium-high variance slot game is already a massive hit among many God of War or Game of Thrones fans out there.

Don’t believe us? Why don’t you fire up the reels and see the introductory bit for yourself? And if you find this information matches out, why don’t you proceed and give the game a try? You can play Call of the Valkyries slot game free before choosing to commit any real money!

Call of the Valkyries Slot Gameplay

Playtech has used a basic format of 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 paylines in slot machine Call of the Valkyries. The 25 paylines are adjustable, so you can always select the number you’d like to activate before choosing the bet amount. Turning our attention to the amount, the lowest you can wager is set at $0.25 though you can increase your bet up to a maximum of $500 per spin using the + button. Once you are satisfied with your selection, click the spin button and wait to see if you’ll be lucky to land the wins.

Call of the Valkyries Online Slot In-game Features

On the 5 reels and 25 paylines, there’s plenty going on in terms of bonus and in-game features. There are three main bonus rounds. These are accompanied by several in-game features including wild wins, free spins, multipliers, and re-spins.

Yeah, we know this doesn’t sound quite so special or out of this world until you hear that you can still win even when you have a losing spin. Yes, this is possible and I was shocked just as much as you! How is this possible? Read on to get your answer!

Touch of the Valkyries Feature

This is the first and unique feature in slot machine Call of the Valkyries. It only takes place during the base game and it’s randomly triggered for a losing spin. Once active, it will transform all the warrior related icons (the helmet, an axe of a shield) into wild symbols. The result is instant winning combinations.

March of the Valkyries Feature

It becomes active once the wild Valkyrie symbols get locked on the 1st and 5th reels. Once activated, all the wild symbols in the game turn the warrior-related icons into frozen wilds. If there are frozen wilds that have been converted by two wild Valkyries symbols in this feature, your win is subjected to a 2x multiplier. Awesome right?

Call of the Valkyries Feature

The final feature is the Call of the Valkyries bonus game. It becomes active once you’ve landed the bonus (scatter) symbol on reels 1, 3 or 5. Once activated, your objective is to make your way to the doorstep of Valhalla. Here, you are engaged in a pick me bonus round, which leads to multipliers, but only if you land the right combination of symbols.

Play Call of the Valkyries Free Online Slot

You feel you are not yet ready to play Call of the Valkyries slot game yet? Why don’t you summon your taut upper lip and set out on a journey to Norse kingdom through the free to play mode. Once you are ready to commit some money, you can always visit any of our recommended licensed Playtech casinos, sign up, make your deposit and start playing for real cash.

Call of the Valkyries Online Slot

Call of the Valkyries Online Slot Conclusion

This is the point where are going to write our thoughts on the Call of the Valkyries slot game. And in all honesty, unless you’ve been spending your formative years slouching on the couch watching toons.

Instead of playing games like other normal kids, then you won’t have any idea on what I’ve been banging on for the past hour and a half.

But it’s FINE! Because, truthfully speaking, Call of the Valkyries slot game isn’t a straight forward game as it may appear. You’ll have to play it for a few rounds to get the hang of it. I scratched my head as I was reading several reviews on the same and I’m an avid slot gamer. In fact, Playtech has added some tips and perhaps the introductory video just to give you an insight into what awaits you.

However, once you’ve stuck in, you’ll really be impressed by the game. Having played several other slots with the same theme including the Game of Thrones, I believe it could have borrowed some tips from the brains behind the game. Furthermore, given that we are in the modern era where smartphones are part and parcel of our day-to-day lives, Playtech has done a marvellous job with the mobile version. It looks superb on both the tablets and mobile!

Cliff Spiller

Cliff Spiller

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