Go Bananas Slot Review

We’d like to welcome you to world of monkeys and apes, where wild symbols and fruits can be exchanged for massive cash prizes! And all this is happening in Net Entertainment’s Go Bananas Slot Game. In addition to the five unique wild symbols, Go Bananas Slot Game offers a succulent top prize of $140,000 – which means that you won’t be playing for peanuts. You can also play Go Bananas slot game for free or real money – depending on the reason why you’ve chosen to play casino games online.

About Go Bananas Online Slot Game

As we’ve already states, Go Bananas Online Slot is a product of renowned software provider, NetEnt. The game features 5 reels and 20 paylines. This is a game that requires some rather quick action from the player as it’s a fast paced game. The fast spinning of the reels with be rewarded accordingly evident in the sleek animations – that are a beau to behold and 3D graphics. They are accompanied with a realistic sound of nature that will sooth and relax you as you spin the reels.

Careful though! You don’t want to be engrossed in the game so much that you forget your main objective of playing the game. To land the elusive big wins, you need to land the monkey symbols. Anytime you land the ape symbol on the 5 reels, they shift their form to something else (this is much more of a surprise which we save for later) to reward you accordingly.

The only hint that we can give you is that the symbol that the monkey will shift form to is dependent on the type of monkey you land on the reels. So, in other words, anytime you see a monkey symbol, know that you are not far away from a win.

Go Bananas Slot Machine Gameplay

As you play Go Bananas slot game, expect to come across primates of all kinds dancing and going in a frenzy on the reels each time you land a winning combination. In total, there are five different monkeys that are WILD.

These include the Wild Gorilla, Wild Tarsier, Wild Baboon, Wild Langur and Wild Orangutan. We didn’t know all these types of monkeys until we had a chance to play Go Bananas slot game – so it’s safe to say in addition to the entertainment factor, there’s also the learning aspect. Each of these monkeys celebrates differently every time you land a win.

In addition to the monkey symbols, you can also expect fruit symbols such as a plum, a lime, a coconut, a pineapple, an orange and a banana split. There’s also a pink ruby, bongo drums, a monkey shaped money clip and a golden monkey statue. All these symbols work in sync to ensure that you’ve won some real money as you play Go Bananas slot game.

Go Bananas In-Game Features

Are you itching to know what the monkey symbols transform to every time you land a money symbol on the reels? Well, this is the section where we look at all these five money symbols and what they transform to in Go Bananas slot machine.

  • The first of the five monkeys is the wild Baboon. Land this symbol and you’ll see it shift the position of two other symbols vertically, in the process covering an entire reel and providing more wins.
  • The second symbol you’ll encounter is the wild Tarsier. Landing this symbol will convert the symbol lying next to it into a wild, either vertically or horizontally.
  • The third symbols is the wild Gorilla symbol. Each time you land it on the reels, it diagonally transforms the four symbols surrounding it into wilds. This results into a wild symbol that assumes an X shape.
  • The fourth symbol is the Wild Orangutan symbol. Every time you land this symbol on the reels converts three nearby symbols into wilds. The result is a cube constituting of four wilds.
  • The fifth and the last symbol is the Wild Langur. If you manage to land it on the reels, it transforms two symbols horizontally on a row, forming a block that constitutes of three wild symbols.

Go Bananas Online Slot NetEnt


After playing Go Bananas slot machine game, we must say that it’s an excellent release from NetEnt. We are sure you’ll like the original theme used in the game. To make this original theme more entertaining, the game is filled with wilds, which will send wins flying in from time to time.

Go Bananas Slot(s) doesn’t have any free spins game but given that the several wild symbols ensure that you win from time to time, you won’t be needing the free spins. At maximum bet, the game will award you with up to a cool $140,000 in cash prize, which is an equivalent of x700 your bet.

There’s no time to monkeying around! Are you ready to give Go Bananas Slot a try? You’d be bananas not to!

Cliff Spiller

Cliff Spiller

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