The thrill of throwing a dice in hopes that it lands the bet you placed is something to get excited about. However, when you are still learning how to play craps, the excitement may be overwhelmed by intimidation. Craps rules may be confusing if you’re new to the craps game. A craps table looks complicated because it has so many numbers and phrases on it. Learn how to play and find the best craps casino here.

Craps dice casino game

How to Make Money Playing Craps

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Understanding Craps History

It has been suggested that the craps game has been around for approximately 2000 years now. The game was first played with dice made of bone, which surprisingly had a very similar resemblance to the modern-day dice.

The standard six-sided dice has been used for centuries to play the game, even when Sir William Tyre became linked to the game as early as the 11th century. During this time, it was said the English soldiers stormed the countryside. During their crusade, it was suggested they overtook an Arabian castle known as “Hazard”, where they would play dice. When translated, the term hazard means “an unfortunate card or dice roll”.

Despite this theory surrounding the origins of the game, today’s version of the game has been dated back to the 14th century game of Hazard. With time the game made its way around the world, it cultivated new rules and variants.


History of online craps Canada

Craps Tutorial: How to Play Craps

Craps is widely popular among high-roller Canadian players who have the funds for lucrative game play. It has been suggested that today, many land-based casinos offer fewer craps tables as not many young gamblers have taken to the game. However, due to technological advancements the game has regained its popularity as it has been developed into a format online, which can be enjoyed at top Canadian online casinos recommended by Maple Casino. To make money playing craps you need to learn how to play casino craps which is different from street craps.

Before starting gameplay at an online Craps casino, there are a few things you may want to learn. Practice the game at any of the featured craps casino. Once you learn the rules and you can come up with a good craps strategy. First practice playing craps online for fun before playing craps online for real money.

For starters, the game is all about the thrill of throwing a dice in hopes of landing the number you placed your bet on. Additionally, The game offers everyone betting, the opportunity to give the dice a throw. Players can still play free online craps games to enhance their gambling skills before they play craps online for money. This is the game of online craps Canada in a nutshell.

Learn the Craps Table

The Craps table displays a series of markings that indicate different betting options. Bets are made by placing chips on the relevant demarcations on the table.

A glance at the Craps table will reveal a collision of colors, numbers, and bets. When learning how to play, you need to understand the different bets. Some of the easiest bets a gambler can make include; ‘Pass Line’, ‘Come’, ‘Don’t Pass Bar’, and ‘Don’t Come Bar’. Once you understand these bets, the rest of the game will be very easy to master. Play online craps for real money and enjoy the fun.

Online craps table game Canada

Craps Rules

Craps allows players to place bets on a number of different sections. Having a good craps strategy helps you play better. Here is a brief tutorial, with tips and tricks to betting on the table:

  • Don’t pass line: This is the simplest bet to make in a game. It carries the least risk and is very easy to make. The majority of players at a craps game would either be making the Pass Line or Don’t Pass Line bet. If the roll of the dice totals an 11 or a 7, then you lose. If the total is 2, or 3 the Don’t Pass bet is won. When the number rolled displays a 12, you will get your money back. Any other number rolled counts as a point. The shooter keeps rolling until they roll a 7. This bet has a 1.40 house edge.
  • Pass Line: The most popular wager. Unlike the Don’t Pass, money is won when the outcome of the roll is 7 or 11. When 2, 3, or 12 is rolled, the wager is lost. Any other number counts as a point allowing the gamer to roll again until a 7 or a point is achieved. Whenever a point is rolled, the Pass Line bet wins. When a 7 is rolled; the Pass Line wager is lost.
  • The Come: The Come wager is made after the Come-out roll. It involves betting that a point would be rolled before the outcome of the next roll would be a 7.
  • Don’t Come: These are bets placed that a 7 will be rolled before the come number.
  • Field Bet: This is a one roll bet that will pay out if the next roll is field number; 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12.
  • Big 6: This bet is placed on the number 6, and will win if a 6 is rolled before a 7.
  • Big 8: This bet is placed on the number 8, and will win if an 8 is rolled before a 7.
  • Over 7: These are one roll bets and will win if the total of the two dice is over 7 on the next roll.
  • Under 7: These are one roll bets and will win if the total of the two dice is under 7 on the next roll.

Craps betting Canada

Strategies for Winning at Online Craps Canada

Knowing the odds of various craps table bets and not placing a bet when the odds are unfavorable is one of the skills players will need when they play Caps Online. There are bets that give the house a 16.67 percent advantage In Craps. However, as a gambler you can limit the house advantage to roughly 0.6 percent by sticking to Pass, Come, and free odds betting. Playing onlinecraps for real money is quite fun and exciting. However, you can still play free online craps game.

  • You should always bet the Pass-Line on the Come-out roll. Payoff: even money. House advantage: 1.4 percent.
  • Bet on the Come bet. Payoff: even money. House advantage: 1.4 percent.
  • Always take maximum free-odds bets on the Pass-Line and Come bets. The house has no gain on free-odds bets.
  • Don’t bet on bets with unfavorable odds

Play Craps Online For Fun

Learn how to play online with the best casino games hints, tips and tricks. Use these for the best combinations of strategies and techniques that will improve your online casino odds significantly. Learn to play real money craps for fun, and discover a new world of entertainment.