Video Poker is a casino game that is based on the combinations of slot machines and poker. The history of the game dates back further than the first video machine. It began to evolve from river boats and saloons during the 1800’s. Read on below and learn to how play online video poker in Canada.

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The Evolution of Video Poker in Canada

Slot machines largely influenced the development of video poker, despite their difference in both strategies and gameplay. In 1891, Sittman and Pitt invented the first slot machine that used 50 playing cards across 5 drums. This meant each drum contained 10 cards. Gamblers would insert a coin into the slot and pull the lever. The drums would then start spinning, and when they stopped the player’s fortune would be revealed. During this early invention, the player’s odds of landing a royal flush were reduced when the 10 (spades) and Jack (hearts) were removed. This mean the odds were split in half.

Learn how to play video poker

In 1899, Charles Fey introduced a slot machine known as the Liberty. This slot closely influenced slots as we know them today. In addition, Fey was also responsible for inventing the Card Bell, which automatically paid out cash prizes for winning combinations to gamblers. 2 years later in 1901, Fey introduced a slot machine with a hold feature which allowed players to hold specific drums in attempts to spin high paying winning combinations.

In the 1970’s, Dale Electronics introduced a Poker-Matic video machine, which was the beginning of electronic video poker machines.

During the 1980’s, Si Redd, a distributor for Bally, took developments one step further to invent a new video poker machine. One year after the development of the video poker machine, Si Redd went public with a new company name, International Game Technology (IGT). During this time, the popularity of video poker and slot machines grew exponentially.

In 1994, casino software developers MicrogamingTM produced the first online software which saw video poker as well as many other forms of casino games enter the world of online casinos. The form of online gambling took gambling to a new level.

As one can see, the idea of combining poker and slot machines was only a matter of technological developments. As time progressed and technology started playing a greater role in society, it led to many popular developments in the casino industry. This in turn resulted in the best video poker machines to play for CA gamblers.

Learn How to Play Video Poker

Today, the game of online video poker offers some of the best odds. For this reason, gamblers who enjoy spinning the slot reels, should consider learning best video poker machines to play. However, if you are feeling a little uncertain about the change, here are some of the hints, tips and tricks of 2018 for playing video poker.

Maple casino offers some of the best strategies and techniques that will make you feel more confident about the game change.

Step 1 – Selecting the best Video Poker Game to Play

Learning how to play video poker is pretty simple. Gamblers will be required to start off by selecting their favourite game to play like jacks or better video poker, to wager their bets. Players can bet anything between 1 and 5 coins per line. To bet the maximum, players can simply select the bet max button which will automatically wager the maximum coins.

Step 2 – How to play video poker for beginners – Placing Your Bets

Once wagers have been placed, players will then be dealt five cards.

Step 3 – How to win Playing Video Poker

When players have receive their cards, they get to choose which ones to keep and which ones they would like to discard. Any card discarded will be replaced with a new one.

Step 4 – Video Poker Payouts

When the player is satisfied with their hand or the discarded cards have been replaced, the hand will be revealed. Wins will be rewarded to any casino patron who manages to set up a traditional poker hand.

Winning Video Poker Hands

  • Royal Flush. This is the highest ranked hand, which is made up of an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 from the same suit.
  • Straight Flush. This type of hand contains five consecutive numbers all from the same suit.
  • Four-of-a-Kind. This type of hand contains four cards all of the same value, with one other card.
  • Full House. This type of hand contains three cards of the same value with a pair of a different value.
  • Flush. This hand contains five random valued cards of the same suit.
  • Straight. This type of hand contains five consecutive cards from different suits.
  • Three-of-a-Kind. This type of hand contains three cards of the same value with two other random value cards.
  • Two Pairs. This type of hand contains two cards of the same value, with another 2 cards of a different value, and 1 other random valued card.
  • Pair. This type of hand contains two cards of the same value with three other random cards.
  • High Card. This type of hand does not contain any of the above combinations. In this instance, the highest ranking individual card will win.

The Best Video Poker Strategy

Our top tips and strategies for any new player who is eager to get started included the following.

  • Pick a variant of video poker that grabs your attention. One of our hints would be to pick the Jacks or Better variant, which is one of the most basic variants.
  • Learn the strategies and techniques to improve your online video poker skill level.
  • Practice makes perfect. Give the chosen video poker a few goes, after a few rounds, you will start to get the idea of the game.
  • Remember the game is combinations of slots and poker, so strategies and techniques are important.

Play Video Poker at the Top Canadian Casinos Online

Learning to play video poker for fun and for real money can be rather exciting. Gamblers should be able to feel the excitement as they spin the reels to reveal their fortune. Maple Casino is guaranteed to provide you with the best hints, tips and tricks of 2018, so be sure to keep an eye on the blog page to improve your skill level. You will also find the best strategies and techniques to give you the best possible odds. Enjoy the online entertainment Maple Casino has to offer.