Canada is one of the most regulated gambling industries in the world. However, gambling laws and casino legislation differ between states. That’s why the Maple Casino team have put together this helpful guide on casino legislation for each Canadian province. This ensures that all players both online and on land know where they stand while gambling.

When gambling online, it’s best to know where you stand when it comes to casino legislation. In Canada, each province has its own approach to gambling regulations and legislation. For example, betting on lotteries has been legal in every province since 1969. Unfortunately, being inside a betting establishment or running one is still illegal under the Criminal Code of Canada. Despite granting provinces the legal power to enforce casino legislation 1985, the criminal code didn’t change to reflect this.

Casino Legislation in Canada

Casino Legislation in British Columbia

Online casino gambling is not mentioned in the code, which leaves a lot up to chance depending on where you live. This murky legislation means that some citizens may only gamble on websites that are regulated in their province, like British Columbia. Strangely enough, the first legal casino was opened there, but only residents of British Columbia can gamble on the site.

Kahnawake Mohawk Nation Casino Legislation

On the other hand, casino sites licensed in the sovereign nation of Kahnawake may offer their services in Canada. While the head offices of casino operators are based outside Canada, their servers are run within the country. This still counts as ‘offshore’ gambling, and is technically legal. Canadian players should still stick to reputable sites that are licensed properly to keep gambling legally. Casino legislation in your province should still allow you to gamble safely and legally within Canada, despite the Criminal Code.

Casino Legislation for Canadians

Use the below guides to find out more about your province’s legislation to stay on the right side of the law.