Scratch Cards Canada

Scratch Cards are a favourite worldwide, as they are easy to play, and very easily accessible. With online scratch cards you win free money online instantly.  Scratch cards are a form of gambling as well, not a magic match scratch and win situation, wins are not guaranteed. Scratch cards are simply explained as, a small cardboard card whereby various symbols (depending on your card) are hidden underneath a thin layer of either acrylic or latex. Once the card is purchased, the player will scratch away the acrylic to reveal the hidden symbols, with the hopes that they will all match. Online Casinos provide scratch cards which work in the same way, although, players will require a device with internet accessibility. The benefit of online scratch cards however, is that, unlike land-based scratch cards, players are immediately aware of their winnings. If you would like to win free money online instantly, play online scratchcards.

Top Canadian Scratch Card Online Casinos

$1500 Bonus

Rating: 5/5

Min Deposit $10

Rating: 5/5

$1500 Bonus - Rating: 5/5

$1500 Bonus

Rating: 4.8/5

Min Deposit $10

Rating: 4.8/5

$1500 Bonus - Rating: 4.8/5

$1600 Bonus

Rating: 4.7/5

Min Deposit $20

Rating: 4.7/5

$1600 Bonus - Rating: 4.7/5

$750 Bonus

Rating: 4.5/5

Min Deposit $25

Rating: 4.5/5

$750 Bonus - Rating: 4.5/5

$1500 Bonus

Rating: 4.3/5

Min Deposit $10

Rating: 4.3/5

$1500 Bonus - Rating: 4.3/5

$1500 Bonus

Rating: 4.2/5

Min Deposit $5

Rating: 4.2/5

$1500 Bonus - Rating: 4.2/5

History of Scratch Cards Canada

Scratch cards, unlike most gambling games, was invented fairly recently. Scratch cards were invented by John Koza and Daniel Bouwer, a computer scientist and promotions expert respectively, in 1974, in Massachusetts. The game came about when Koza expressed his distaste for the period it took to wait for lottery results to come through. Thus, he created a game that revealed immediately, as to whether or not the player has the winning sequence. Koza and Bouwer worked side by side, while Koza was in charge of the algorithm ensuring the randomness of card results, Bouwer would look after the marketing side.

The Massachusetts State Lottery used these scratch cards to raise funds for government projects.

Soon after, the popularity of the scratch card grew and further spread to the rest of America. In 1985, a gentleman by the name of Cal Tigner invented the first dispenser for scratch cards in Oregon. Scratch cards were a regular feature in the UK National Lottery and was introduced worldwide and online by the year 1995.

History of Scratch Card casino games

How to Play Online Scratch Card Canada

Unlike most casino games, online scratch cards have little to no rules. Online scratch cards are one of the easiest games to learn and understand. The easiest way to play cards online, is to play scratch cards and if you’re lucky you win free money online instantly. All you have to do is place a bet, if the online Canadian casino requires, and most of the time your winnings will be multiplied by the amount that you bet. Thereafter, the player is required to either manually or automatically scratch the online card. Finally, the player can claim their prize, once the card has been revealed.

It is important to remember that scratch cards, both online and physical, are based on chance. Players do still have the opportunity to win, but it is all based on the luck of the draw. Mobile scratch cards are also available on mobile scratch card casinos. Players can buy scratch tickets online to play and win online.

Online scratch offs are more popular because you win money online instantly. Scratch cards are simple, however, players have to be careful of magic match scratch and win scams which claim to guarantee wins. Play at our recommended casinos with the best scratch games. Our top list of canadian scratch card casinos give bonuses to play online scratch offs. Use the scratch card bonuses to basically play for free win real cash.

Benefits of Playing Online Scratch Cards

  • Online scratch cards provide their players with a much higher payout rate than physical scratch cards.
  • The gameplay is much quicker online.
  • There is no mess of scratching off the acrylic layer.
  • Online scratch cards are available at most casinos; therefore, players can scratch wherever they please.
  • Mobile scratch cards are available for the best scratch games on the go

Lotto Scratch card casino benefits

Online Scratch Card Odds Canada

Scratch cards attract players because people want to win free money online instantly. However, with each different type of scratch card, there are different odds. Scratch cards have a predetermined number of winners and losers, therefore, when a player purchases their card they are essentially playing from a pool whereby the probability is already set. Therefore, online scratch cards are not a magic scratch and win situation where a win is guaranteed.

The Online Scratch cards, however, make use of a Random Number Generator (RNG) meaning that the probability is not set. The numbers and symbols are randomly determined, without the use of a formula or algorithm, which makes it very tough for a player to determine their odds.

Online Scratch Card Variations Canada

Our Canadian players who like to play cards online, will enjoy playing online scratch offs. Along with different available rewards, there too are many variations of scratch cards.

Themed Casino Scratch Cards

Players have a variety of options when it comes to themed scratch cards games from sports and fantasy to casino game-themed scratch cards. For instance, a casino-themed scratch card, like Blackjack, the player scratches in hopes that his card will reveal that he has beat the dealer.

Themed Scratch Card casino game

Instant Win Scratch Cards

Simply put, the cards are scratched to reveal a result informing the player of a win or loss.

Lines Scratch Cards

The objective of this game is for the player to line up a series of symbols which will result in a win. These scratch card panels are larger than others, which gives space to the symbol line up.

Multiple Chances

The multiple chances scratch card works as follows; a player starts by scratching a panel to reveal a number. Once that number or symbol is revealed it will assume the role of the winning number. To win, the player must then scratch multiple other panels to reveal whether or not the concealed symbols match the symbol, that was initially exposed.



Autoplay is an option available to players, whereby the computer will generate the gameplay while the player watches.


A particular segment of the game’s display whereby a player can deposit or withdraw their winnings.

Casino Scratch

Casino themed scratch cards. Displaying themes such as online slots or online blackjack.

Classic Scratch

A Classic scratch is one that has been available on the site for a long period and is more attractive to players as opposed to the newer versions of scratch cards.

Fantasy Scratch

Fantasy or traditionally themed scratch cards.

Free Practice Play

With this version of Scratch cards, the player can gamble without any real money risks.

Line Price

A line price is the amount of money that a player has committed to wagering on each scratch card line.


A button found on the scratch card game allowing players to set their maximum bet amount, without the need to separate each bet.

Real Money Play

Real Money play allows players the opportunity to bet real money online, as well as have the chance of winning real money.

Recent Games

A display found of the scratch card game that the player has most recently played, at that specific casino.

Sports Scratch

Sport themed scratch cards.

Multiple online scratch cards

Scratch Card FAQs

Do I have to wager a lot before playing?
No, the player only needs to bet what they can afford, in most casinos, there is no need for an outcome bet.
Why should I play Scratch Cards?
Scratch cards provide instant results. They provide an easy and fair gameplay.
How do I know that Scratch Cards are Fair?
Due to the RNG, it ensures that there are no predetermined wins or loses.
Where can I safely Play Online Scratch Cards?
The player must ensure that their chosen casino is eCOGRA certified. eCOGRA is a reputable regulatory body that ensures all players are receiving safe and fair gambling practices.
How do I redeem my Online Scratch Card Winnings?
Winnings are instantaneously credited to the player's account, which is ready for withdrawal when the player chooses to do so.
What if a casino doesn’t want to give me a payout?
There are multiple reasons as to why a payout will not happen immediately. However, it is important to ensure that the player is careful with their choice of casino. It is also imperative that the players ensure that their form of payment is supported by the online casino.


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