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High rollers refer to players that spend great sums of money while gambling. These high rollers are also referred to as ‘Whales’, or ‘VIP Players’ and they frequently risk copious amounts of money on gambling. Therefore, a High Roller Casino came to exist to cater purely for these high rolling gamblers. Because these high rollers bare such a great risk while gambling, the casino rewards them for doing so.

High Roller Casinos are characterised by their large payouts, as the rewards and benefits received from these casinos are lavish and highly exclusive. High Roller Casinos are a great choice for Canadians that wish to experience a higher-grade gameplay and want to start playing with the ‘big dogs’.

High Roller Casinos

Top High Roller Canadian Online Casinos

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All jackpots Casino



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888 Canada's Best Casino Online



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What to Look for When Choosing a High Roller Casino in Canada

When joining a high roller online casino, Canadian players must consider the following;

Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses offered by High Roller Casinos are offered only to high spenders. The welcome bonus is a weighty percentage bonus that is made on large deposits. These welcome bonuses are only awarded once a deposit that is more than the set minimum has been made.

Loyalty Bonuses

Loyal VIP players are offered exclusive bonuses that include; birthday bonuses, public holiday bonuses and even anniversary bonuses. These bonuses are only offered on the premise that the player, deposits money frequently and gambles with their chosen casino.

Money Matters

High rollers at any of Maple Casinos top chosen casino, will be given royal treatment. VIP members may make higher deposits. There are however, withdrawal limits, but upon withdrawing their money, high rollers will be given instant access to their withdrawn funds.

Personal Customer Service

Online casinos provide their high rollers with special customer service. A personal customer service caretaker is offered to high rollers. This concierge, could take the form of a personal accounts manager. All of the concierges’ details will be shared will the high roller to ensure that they receive speedy and efficient service.

High Roller Games

The betting limits of these games are relatively high. High roller games provide the VIP player with a chance to stack higher bets while playing. Games such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette and other table games have all been tweaked to incorporate the needs of a high roller.

High Roller Casino Bonuses Canada

How to Become a High Roller in Canada

High rolling is all about large deposits and bankrolls, these are the players that get a thrill out of high stake games. It is also important that the player is committed to the casino and plays very frequently. For a player to become a VIP member they must abide by all of the aforementioned expectations, thereafter, the casino will present them with a loyalty program. This program stipulates the different ranks and tiers of the program, as well as how a player would work their way up these ranks. The highest tier is generally the one ranked “VIP”. If you feel that you do not need to go through these ranks and that you should already hold the status of being a high roller. Then all you need to do is sign up at a High Roller Casino, and start spending immediately.


Why Play at Canadian High Roller Casinos

High Roller Casinos tailor their services to their VIP players. Along with these tailored services are tailored bonuses and reward that are on offer to a VIP customer. These rewards and bonuses can be expressed as follows;

High Roller Casino Bonuses and Rewards

The bonuses at a High Roller Casino are bigger, better and ensure that all of their gameplay allows for the most eye-catching rewards. All rewards offered by High Roller Casinos, to VIP players, are far better than those offered to regular players. The greater the deposit is, the higher the percentage is of a bonus as well as bettering the betting requirements stipulated.

High-Stake Games for High Rollers

VIP players are ensured, by their High Roller Casino, that they can play their favourite casino games, with a higher wagering limit. The greater the stakes, the bigger the winning payouts are. At most reputable online casinos, players have the following high-stake games at their disposal; high roller baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and slots games.

High roller casino dice and chips

Benefits of Playing at a Canadian High Roller Casino

High Roller Players have access to far more benefits than the average player. This is due to the extreme prestige that high rollers hold at the casino, therefore casinos make it their duty to keep these VIPs happy.

In addition, these high rollers are given the opportunity to play newest game releases before average players. They are also given more leniency when it comes to their online accounts, whereby their deposits and withdrawals are faster, and there are higher withdrawal limits.

Faster Withdrawals

Only VIP players get the chance to withdraw winnings from their online Canadian casino account at a faster pace than other users. These withdrawals are expected to have a lead time of up to 24 hours to be processed. High rollers however, get to somewhat skip this waiting period and have their final withdrawal stage readily available to them.

Personal VIP Manager

What make High Roller Casinos so desirable is the personal VIP manager aspect, whereby a manager is designated to a specific VIP member to ensure that your account is properly managed. The VIP Manager will also keep in constant contact with their VIP ensuring that they are looked after and that any queries that they may have are promptly answered. The purpose of this VIP manager is to keep high rollers happy and comfortable at their chosen Canadian casino.

Credit Advances

It is often found that casinos offer high rollers the option to get an advance on their credit, allowing them to continue playing. VIPs then later cover the costs of their credit. This is an opportunity that average players are not given, once their limit is reached, they may no longer play.

Unique Gifts

These unique gifts are linked to promotional offers, special events, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. These special gifts are occasionally offered to high rollers, from tickets to sports events, to being gifted expensive devices, being a VIP definitely has its perks.

What to Consider when Choosing a High Roller Casino

It is important to remember that spending copious amounts of money, in itself is a risk. Therefore, it is imperative that players consider the following; the legitimacy and licensing of the casino. The speed of the payouts, the variety of games available, the customer service, banking options, and the exclusive offers that they have available.

High stakes high roller casinos

High Roller Casino FAQs

Are High Roller Casinos the same as online casinos?

High Roller Casinos are considered to be a specific type of online casino. Although these casinos fall under the same category as online casinos, High Roller Casinos are specifically targeted at high wagering players.

Can I become a high roller?

If players meet the requirements necessary and can afford the large betting amounts on a regular basis, then it is possible for them to live the high roller life.

What is a High Roller Casino?

A High Roller Casino is an online casino that accept players that bet copious sums of money on casino games. These players are known as ‘Whales’ and prefer High Roller Casinos to cater for their gaming desires.

Do VIP players have withdrawal limits?

VIP players do have withdrawal limits; however, these limits are much higher than those set for regular players. In addition, VIP players also have access to faster deposits.

Why Should I bet a lot?

The way it works is simple, the higher you bet, the more points you will receive. This point scheme is known as a loyalty program. Every online casino has their own unique loyalty program, but the general consensus is that the higher the bet is, the higher a players’ points are.