You Know You Have Made It When…

Made it when that deadline, that goal, and anything you wanted and now you have it. So how do you know when you’ve made it? Well, many of the richest people in the world all started with something small. A great car, a big house, a handful of diamonds or something a little… Grander. For example, the list below is a comprehensive guide to the biggest splurges made by the creme de la creme of winners and entrepreneurs across the globe.


Made it

So, You’ve Made It, Right?

Overall, the wealthiest individual might have all of these things under their belts. Or, they might be happy with one or two. There’s no set way to know once someone has made it, but we think a Bugatti Veyron SS might just help. A few other high-end cars like a Ferrari 458 or a custom Bentley could also mean that you have all the money in the world. However, some millionaires in Canada prefer to use their wealth in other ways. Some give to charities, give outrageous parties, or just sail around on massive yachts all-year round.

Sometimes, showing off will come with an impressive collection of the world’s most expensive or famous artworks. Now, the Mona Lisa is not for sale, but some of the most expensive artworks in the world fetch more than CA$500 million. Other great ways to spend your hard-earned millions include buying exclusive brands like Kristal to toast your success or buying a Medieval Castle. We won’t tell you how to spend your millions (or billions) but it’s always nice to have a starting point. So, why not check out our top-rated online casinos like Crazy Vegas Casino and see if you can join the millionaires club? Spin those reels, use your poker face, and just enjoy the best online gambling sites in Canada with Maple Casino.