World Cup 2018 – The Biggest Betting Sports Event

In only a couple of weeks, the World Cup 2018 will kick off. The whole world will be watching to see which country will take this year’s title. It is for that reason that this sports event is considered to be one of the biggest betting events in the gambling industry. Millions of soccer fans will visit their sportsbooks whether it be online or land-based, to make their bets.

As for the sportsbooks themselves, they will have different promotions and betting options for the gambling fans. They will be offering bettors odds on which team will take the cup and other various kinds of odds.

sports betting for the world cup 2018

The Favourites to Take the World Cup 2018 Title

It seems that most of the top sports betting sites are offering favourable odds for Germany to take the cup. They may be the favourites because they took the cup last year and they have also improved since then. There are also new additions to the team such as Leroy Sané. Their odds are sitting at 9/2.

Brazil seems to be hot on the heels of Germany with the same odds. Spurred on by the new coach, the Brazilians stand a great chance of winning.

Following the two favourites are previous winners -Spain and France.

Goal Scorer Odds

There are also odds available for the top goal scorer for the tournament. The obvious players for this title are Neymar, Ronaldo and Messi. However, there are other players that bettors must look out for that could be the winners of this title. These players include Thomas Muller from the German team, Romelu Lukaku of Belguim and Robert Lewandowski from Poland.

Match Fixing and Illegal Gambling

This year’s World Cup 2018 will be hosted in Russia. There have been allegations of this country being involved in match-fixing. However, it seems that the government is working on the fixing their reputation and the illegal gambling that may take place.

In the recent years, Russia has been exposed in their illegal activities when it comes to sports, but this may be their chance to prove that they can be better. We have to wait and see what will happen.