Woman Wins Car at Casino Before Being Told She Can’t Have It

A patron at a Florida casino was overjoyed when her name was called as the winner of a new car in a lucky draw. Her ecstatic mood came crashing down soon after, however, when staff told her that she wouldn’t be able to keep the $14,000 vehicle because they couldn’t accept her identification. The casino eventually relented, giving her the value of the prize in cash.

Woman wins then loses new car

Rachel Marom is a regular patron at the Mardi Gras Casino in Hallendale Beach, reported CBS Miami. On Tuesday, 24 June 2014, they held a giveaway for a brand new Fiat and it was her name that they called.

Lucky Car Winner

“It was the farthest thing in my mind that I would ever win,” she told a CBS reporter, “They called Rachel Marom, please come here. You’re the winner of the car!” Marom then rushed forward to claim her prize. “I jumped,” she said, “I was shaking. I was almost going bananas.”

Marom said that casino staff then asked for her identification and she produced a laminated copy of her driver’s license. “They said, ‘Oh, this is just a copy. We cannot accept a copy.’” She explained that she no longer carried the originals with her after they had been stolen a few years ago.

Marom told the employee that she lived nearby and asked if she could be allowed to go and fetch the originals, but she was told that she had only three minutes to produce them or the car would be given to someone else. She said, “He kept going and called another name and left me there shaking and crying and totally devastated.”

Cash Value of Car Given As Prize

Casino management told CBS that they have to follow certain rules and contest winners must provide a valid ID. Marom told New York Daily News shortly afterwards that she was considering a lawsuit.

Two days after the incident, the casino had a change of heart. CBS quoted Lisa Mizrachi of the Mardi Gras Casino as she explained, “There was a little miscommunication but we really value our patrons here at the casino. Management reviewed it and we decided to reward her with the cash value of the prize.”

Marom was reportedly ecstatic and wasn’t at all bothered about not receiving the car, saying that she preferred to receive the prize in cash.