WeChat Users Warned Against Gambling Through the App

The most used mobile application in China; WeChat warned its users during the Lunar New Year’s holiday week to stop gambling using the app.

WeChat Users Warned Against Gambling Through the App

The creator of this famous application with approximately one billion users, Tencent Holdings reported that of late, there had been cases of casino gambling though WeChat and they always increase over the February holidays. More so, the owners of WeChat made it clear that they have zero tolerance when it comes to these types of activities and they will report all the violators of the law to the legal authorities.

How Does It Work?

Many people in Macau fail to realise that they are sited next to an illegal proxy betting operation. This is how it works; three or four members will be sitting at a casino gambling table, mostly Baccarat (famous for high rollers in China). An additional two or three people will then be taking bets through the WeChat messaging app, while the ones sitting at the table text the outcome of the cards. The last secluded part of the gang will be handling the money and the process will go on and on.

WeChat Betting

Last year April, another gambling group made approximately CAD$1,3 million in a month. They had about 40 daily customers. The exciting thing about this is that there is no maximum bet that players can make, and also the betting can quickly be done from anywhere.

WeChat Takes Extreme Measures against Users Gambling on their App

Regardless of the judicial police in Macau that recently carried out a couple of high-profile busts, there seems to be an increase in the WeChat proxy operations in the local casinos.

Together with the warnings that WeChat has been giving out to its users that it’s illegal to be facilitating bets through their application, the secretary for Macau Security reported that from this week going forth, their agency would be working alongside the federal authorities to reduce the rate of illegal betting on WeChat.

The secretary explained that there were some crime syndicates that would solicit gamblers using WeChat group-chats and go on to carry transactions using the ‘WeChat Pay’ option. He further said that the judiciary police will be enhancing their collaboration with the mainland police to work together on the prevention and will always be on the lookout for such crimes.


WeChat is mostly used in Macau, that’s where the majority of their customers are based. However, they have made it clear that they will not tolerate illegal gambling activities being conducted through their application. On the other hand, we at Maple Casino will do all we can to keep you posted on this matter.