Virtual Zone Casino VR Gaming Experience

IGT, a slot machine giant has now teamed up with HTC Vive, virtual reality (VR) hardware developers. Their partnership means that casino players now have a chance to play virtual casino games from the future.

The amalgamation of these two giants brings to you, the IGT virtual zone, which is debuting at Orleans and Las Vegas this week.

Virtual Zone casino gaming

Casinos Virtual Zone

Both casino operators and suppliers are looking toward creating a gladiatorial type of gaming. This may hold the key to the future of gambling games.

HTC will be providing the VR headsets for the IGT Virtual Zone. The Virtual Zone will include a competition arena where casino players can go head to head against each other in a multitude of skill-gaming competitions for prizes.

This endeavour will be a first for HTC when it comes to casino entertainment. More so, the Virtual Zone went live this week in Las Vegas’ Boyd Gaming’s the Orleans.

Virtual Zone Tournaments

For a mere CA$38.65 buy-in, a two-person team can compete in Siege combat tournaments. In this Siege the teams will battle to reach the top score. The team with the highest score in a single day will win CA$386.55 worth of slots dollars. However, if you prefer to work solo, you can do so in the archery tournaments. The player with the best shot at the end of the day will be awarded CA$161 worth of slot play dollars.

According to Enrico Drago, the SVP at Global Product Marketing Interactive, Betting and Licensing, this type of modern entertainment will engage a wide demographic of players. Further he states that the leadership of HTC VIVE will assist in bringing an unparalleled VR gaming experience to players. This is why IGT and HTC VIVE are ideal partners to take VR casino gaming to the next level.

Virtual Zone Future of Casino Gaming

Like most things, casino gaming has already moved to the online space with online casinos. However, people are always looking for the next best thing and VR seems to be the way forward. Because of the immense interest from a large range of demographics, it is safe to say that VR is definitely the way forward when it comes to casino games.

This may help casinos entice the not-so-interested millennials to come to the casino and gamble. From this point on, the sky is the limit, these gladiatorial VR games could be involved in eSports, making it something that younger audiences may want to get involved in.

Don’t miss out on what this new and exciting phenomenon that is hitting casinos worldwide will bring. It looks to be the future of gambling as we know it, so stay tuned to Maple Casino so that you don’t miss a thing.