Toronto’s Sole Gambling Services Operator to be Selected by Ontario

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) have recently announced that they are in the process of selecting a gambling corporation. The makers of OLG slot games are choosing a gambling company to take care of the overall operations through Toronto for both casino and slot machine services.

Gambling Services

Prior to this decision, OLG federally managed all gambling services across Canada’s Toronto region. However, OLG now feels that an outside source providing a fresh set of eyes and ideas would assist in the rejuvenation of the gambling industry within this area. Reports claim that this industry is currently valued at CA$1.83 billion.

According to reports, Caesars Entertainment is in the lead when it comes to choosing Ontario’s sole gambling operator. Caesars Entertainment is considered to be one of the largest gambling corporations globally. OLG is said to have sieved through the applications and narrowed it down to three different parties. The three parties in the running are as follows:

  • Caesars Entertainment
  • Genting Group
  • Brookfield Asset Management

OLG gambling operator

What the Future Gambling Services Operator has in Store

Once a gambling operating service provider has been selected they can expect the following:

  • A 22-year contract with OLG.
  • Earn an excess of CA$72 million a year to run operations in Ontario.
  • Operations include:
    • Managing all land-based casinos.
    • Taking care of horse racing tracks.
    • Running the lotteries.
    • Supervising sports books operations.
    • Handling all OLG online casinos.

When it comes to the Greater Toronto casino sector, it is undoubtedly pumping. With their deep involvement in Ontario, Caesars provided the region with a lot. One of which being the Windsor Casino that provides guests with events, entertainment and restaurants that provides enjoyment for the whole family. If that wasn’t enough, Caesars have sprinkled their magic touch around Niagara Falls, resulting in casinos with bars, live entertainment, restaurants not to mention the gaming section which is completely Vegas themed.


A local Toronto MP, Shafiq Qaadri has expressed his excitement for the prospect of having the regions very own gambling operator. Claiming that they can call it their very own ‘Vegas North’.

It seems that OLG has a lot of decisions to make starting with the development of the Woodbine Racecourse, and continuing with addressing the growth in iGaming. Furthermore, they will have to look into their online casino operations as well as their partnership with kingpin software providers.

We at Maple Casino are very excited to see what will happen on the Gambling operator front in Toronto. We further ensure our readers that we will keep them up to date if any firm decisions are made.