5 Things Mysteriously Missing without a Trace

Many people have disappeared without mysteriously without a trace for many centuries. These events have occurred out the ordinary and without any explanations. Many of these cases have caught the attention of many individuals who are curious.

1. Soloman Northup

Northup was a free-born African-American who was lured from New York to Washington D.C in 1841. He was then kidnapped and forced into slavery in Louisiana State. In 2013, he became well-known for an Oscar Award winning film that was based on his successful struggle to regain freedom.

Soloman Northup from 12 Years a Slave

2. Alcatraz Escapees

The federal prison located on Alcatraz Island was once home to some of the most incorrigible criminals. For the prisoners who managed to get past the walls, the currents of the San Francisco Bay would seemingly catch them out. This made the prison practically impossible to escape from. However, in 1962 it did not prevent three prisoners in particular – Frank Morris and the Anglin Brothers (John and Clarence). These three prisoners used spoons to dig holes in the walls of their prison cells and left papier-Mache heads on their pillows to fool the guards. They then climbed up and down the vents and drain pipes in the direction of the water, where they then paddled away, using a boat and improvised life vests they made from raincoats. The prisoners were never to be found again, though prison authorities believe the three drowned, while the Anglin family still think the two brothers are alive.

Alcatraz Escapees

3. Richard Serra’s “Equal-Parallel: Guernica-Bengasi”

So you would like to think losing a 42-ton sculpture would be completely impossible? Well, think the impossible as this became very possible in 1990. The 1986 artwork of “Equal-Parallel: Guernica-Bengasi” by Richard Serra which was on display at the Reina Sofia Contemporary Art Museum in Madrid for four years before the Museum underwent renovations. The management team of the time decided the sculpture was too large and ultimately shipped it off a private storage facility. When the museum appointed their new director, Ana Martinez de Aguilar in 2005, she decided to retrieve the item to re-exhibit it. However, she soon discovered the storage company went into bankruptcy and the sculpture, whose paper trail was last captured in 1992, was nowhere to be found. The good news is that Richard Serra agreed to make a replica for the museum.

Guernica Bengasi

4. George Washington’s Dentures

The Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History stored a great piece of American history, dentures belonging to the US’s first president- George Washington. The dentures were loaned to the Museum in 1965 by the University of Maryland Dental School, and in 1981 they vanished from a locked storage room in the museum. However, in 1982, a museum employee the lower plate of the dentures had turned up in an area that was accessible to the Museums’ employees. The top plate remains missing.

Portrait of George Washington

5. Flight 19

Flight 19 was on a routine two-hour training exercise, with a team of five TBM Avengers. 90 minutes into the flight, the control tower in Fort Lauderdale received a message from a confused sounding flight leader reporting that both his compasses were out and he was trying to find Fort Lauderdale. More discussion continued between the leader pilot and the control tower, as the pilot tried to determine where they were. When the plane never returned a search crew off 13-men was sent out on a PBM Mariner aircraft to search for them. However, that plane never returned either, the U.S military then launched one of the greatest searches in history, with hundreds of ships and aircraft searching more than 200,000 square miles of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. However, no traces of either of the planes were found.

Flight 19