The Top 10 Gambling Nations of the World

For many online casino players, gambling online is a great pastime. Canadians especially love to spin the reels, try their luck and just enjoy a great casino experience. So many of us love the glitz and glamour of casinos, both on land and online. Which leads one to ask, how many gambling nations are there? Well, recent studies and statistics put those numbers to the test. Check out numbers into this infographic for CA players below.

So, which country do you believe enjoys the random roll of the dice, the bright, colorful scatter symbols flashing across their screen or putting on their poker faces, the most? We present to you, the world’s top ten gambling nations. And no, the number one spot does not belong to the UK.

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Biggest Gambling Nations - Canada

Biggest Gambling Nations – Results

In a nutshell, it seems that Australia leads by a landslide. However, they do have a few things working against them in terms of losses. Of course, this doesn’t mean that Australians are bad at gambling. It just means that they have more losses as opposed to other factors. On the other hand, some of the largest jackpots online have been claimed by lucky Aussies, so it’s not all bad. More so, Aussies have some of the best programs supported by gambling taxes.

It’s no surprise to us that Canada is fourth overall. After all, we have some of the best online gambling sites in the world available to Canadians. Additionally, we have some of the best land-based casinos as well. Most importantly, we also have some of the best gambling legislation and enforcement, meaning that CA players are protected while gambling online and on land. So, why not try out the best online casinos in Canada and see if you can hit that winning streak?