The Man Responsible for the Las Vegas Shooting

The deadliest shooting in the history of the USA happened Sunday Night by a man named Stephen Paddock. He was in his Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino room when he set up a gun to shoot at music festival attendees. Paddock was able to kill 59 people and injured 527 others from the 32nd floor of the hotel.

The police at the moment have not found any reasons that may have led the 64-year-old to massacre so many people. Read on to find out what the reports have about Stephen Paddock.

The Man Responsible for the Las Vegas Shooting - stephen paddock

Stephen Paddock and His Gambling

To family members and friends, Paddock seemed to be a simple man with no criminal convictions and no affiliations with extremists. He lived north of Las Vegas in Mesquite and had been divorced 27 years ago.

As simple as he may have been, Paddock had an obsession with gambling and would spend thousands playing high stake video poker. At the Caesar’s Entertainment Casino, he was rated as a seven-star high roller. He would also play as much as $30 000 at a single casino. However, what the investigation has found so far is that there are no debts that may have fuelled his obsession with gambling.

He was not only gambling at the local casinos but engaged with online casino gambling. According to his brother Eric Paddock, he made most of his money from real estate and before that he was an accountant.

Las Vegas Shooter’s Gambling Obsession

Paddock would show off to his brother and other the pictures of him taken when he had won playing slot machines. He was known to play at the $100 buy-in high-stakes poker tables. A week before the massacre, he had a wager over $10 000 in a day at the Las Vegas casino.

When police searched his home in Mesquite, they found more weapons. The police also revealed that he shot himself after the killing spree. It is not certain whether his gambling obsession could be the cause of the attack. However, the police are still conducting their investigation.

We firmly advise our readers that if they know of someone who may have a gambling problem, or is suffering themselves, to seek help. This may help avoid situations such as Stephen Paddock and others.