Winner of Survivor Castaway – Season 35

If you haven’t seen the finale for the latest Survivor: Heroes v Healers v Hustlers, then this article may have a few spoilers. So, go and watch before you continue reading this article.

Finally, the 35th Season of Survivor has come to an end, and the winner thereof has been announced.

Survivor Canada

Recaps of Survivor Castaway

As Survivor Heroes v Healers v Hustlers was coming to a close with their final five; Ben, Chrissy, Devon, Mike and Ryan, one final plot twist lay between them and their US$1 million (CA$1.28 million) prize.

The pressure was on as the final few votes were looming and it seemed that the tribe had turned their backs against Ben. Mike confirmed this by likening Ben to a ‘villain in a horror movie’. However, while others were plotting against Ben, he looked after himself by making a last-minute discovery that saw Ben secure himself a spot in the final four. Thereafter, Chrissy, in a desperate attempt to stay in the game tried to win Ben’s friendship back. To which he made it blatantly clear that it was unwanted.

However, it was not over yet, the tribe made their way to their next challenge, to which Chrissy took home the victory. She managed to win herself and two other tribe members a dinner for three. Chrissy took with her, Mike and Devon, leaving Ryan and Ben to their own devices at camp. It was on their victory dinner that both Devon and Mike were devising a plan to con Ben into believing that they had found the other idol. Little did they know, Ben actually was already in possession of this idol.

Ben’s well deserved smug smile did not go unnoticed when he presented his immunity idol at Tribal Council later that night. Due to the votes all being cast for Ben, which, thanks to the immunity idol now did not count, all other votes went to Mike. Making Mike the next member of the jury.

Survivor – The final Challenge

The day of the final challenge arrived, and Ben was more determined than ever. After, using his last immunity idol, he no longer had the upper hand to keep him in the game. Despite his best efforts, Chrissy once again returned to camp victorious.

Due to her success, Chrissy was given a secret advantage before entering into Tribal Council. This advantage divulged that she would sit alongside another player of her choice (Ryan) while the two others would compete for the final spot in a fire-making challenge. It was then that Ben once again shocked his tribe by winning the fire challenge and securing his spot in the final three.

Survivor Winner

Once the jury received its final member and the tribe’s last vote had been made, power now shifted to the jury. It was here that they were given the opportunity to make statements or ask the remaining three players questions, after watching them in the tribal councils. After the statements and questions were made and asked, the jury then voted for the remaining player that they wished to see win the US$1 million.

It was at this point that Canadian viewers were going crazy, betting as to who would claim the title of ‘Ultimate Survivor’.

In a shocking turn of events, after being the underdog most of the show, Ben managed to take home the title and the cash prize. Two votes from the jury went to Chrissy, one vote went to Ryan, and four votes went to Ben.

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