Adelson Sheldon Turns to Democrats for Support to Ban Online Gambling

Adelson Sheldon a billionaire casino magnate and chairman of the Las Vegas Sands Corp is now a well-known figure in US politics.  He is known to have made headlines on battles against certain pet causes. He supplies Republicans with big amounts of money in campaign donations to promote his causes. However, he has turned his attention from GOP senators to the top Democrat in Congress, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

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As reported by the Huffington Post, Reid has become Adelson’s best hope for achieving one of his top goals – the ban of online gambling in the United States. Adelson’s billions that have been made from the brick and mortar casinos in Las Vegas have helped in choosing the Republicans.Huffington Post went on to say that “It’s not a stretch to say that he is partly responsible for the fact that come January, Reid will give up the majority leader’s gavel to a Republican, Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell.”

The Huffington Post article goes on to ask the question, “Why would the Senate’s top Democrat, known for criticising the influence of the traditional billionaires in American politics, be willing to stand up for Adelson.” Online gambling brings a lot of money to the state and keeps players entertained. Players should be free to game online.

Adelson and Betting

The reason Adelson is willing to bet on such a hand is the fact that Reid will be running for re-election in his home state of Nevada in two years to come. Adelson is a powerful figure in Nevada politics and could choose to back Reid’s opponent. Adelson’s condition for Reid, of course, is that he closes a loophole in federal law that allows for states to operate and regulate online gambling. This is going to be a major issue within the state. Gamblers are in for a lot should this pass. Lets see how it is going to work out.

Four states, New York, Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey, have been taking advantage and allowed for gambling of some form. This took long and players got a lot from it. Should Adelson succeed, these operations would be illegal, putting many thousands out of work (or risk facing prosecution) while denying corporations. Operations such as MGM Grand and Caesar’s Entertainment an urgently needed extra source of income during a decline in the US casino industry. Running a gambling platform is not an easy job. It takes a lot more than having an idea. Players can get access to exciting games such as blackjack, poker, baccarat, slots and more online. Players are able to get bonuses and win awesome prizes when playing online.

The group Adelson has bankrolled to influence public opinion and law-makers, The idea to Stop Internet Gambling, achieved some success with the introduction of the Restore America’s Wire Act, a bill that would impose a federal ban on internet gambling. However, as reported by The Huffington Post, a surge in conservative opposition saw the bill canceled. There are casino software that provides top quality graphics and sound. Players can check them out and sign up with a good one.

Adelson plans to see the RAWA bill reintroduced, and he hopes for Reid’s assistance to make that happen rather sooner than later. When asked about the matter, Reid said that he was still deciding whether or not to take action on RAWA before the end of the year. Sources close to Adelson told the media that their friendship is genuine, and RAWA is practically a done deal. Gambling will always be there regardless of how things happen. Even though it can be banned, it is a way of generating income to the state and also helping the countries economy. Gambling online should not be banned. As long as players don’t run after their losses and don’t get addicted. However, there are ways to prevent gambling addiction and also a way to help those that are already addicted. The ban of internet gaming is not a good idea.