River Rock Casino Resort Investigation – Canada 2017

British Columbia officials are gearing up to investigate River Rock Casino Resort in Vancouver. According to reports, the venue may have been used to launder money from Chinese gamblers. However, this has not been proven despite an independent investigation by the Attorney General having found suspicious activity.

The story was first published by the Bloomberg news service, who published the findings. The examination found that players would make ‘single cash buy-ins’ of more than CA$404k. These buy-ins were suspicious because no details were provided as to where the cash came from. More so, River Rock Casino had accepted CA$11 million in CA$20 notes during 2015 alone.

River Rock Casino Resort – Canada

River Rock Casino – Bulk Cash

The investigation determined that the casino had fostered a habit of ‘accepting large bulk cash transactions.’ As such, British Columbia’s Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch will soon launch their own investigation following the claims of the Attorney General’s office. It was found that River Rock Casino had not reported suspicious transactions as they should have.

Over 54 000 transactions had been reported, but only 1194 had been suspicious to the casino. More so, they had issued only 1209 bans in that time. These statistics are worrying for British Columbia officials, and suggest that some type of money laundering took place.

An excerpt from their findings said: ‘Reasonable grounds to suspect money laundering activity through the use of un-sourced funds has been confirmed.’ This has lead officials to believe that this type of behaviour by the casino hints at ‘criminal activity.’

More about River Rock Casino Resort

River Rock Casino is owned by the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation and is based in Vancouver. The Great Canadian Gaming Corporation operates 20 facilities in Canada and the United States. More so, they declared that the company ‘strictly adheres to all regulatory requirements’ when reporting their properties. The operator went on to ‘welcome the review’ by the Minister of the state.

Additionally, ‘an independent expert’ may be appointed to review money laundering standards in the province. It’s unclear at the moment what the review will find, or how River Rock Casino will fare now that the report is public.