Return to Player (RTP)

Return to player known as RTP is a term that is used by online casinos and also other online betting platforms. It is used to define the percentage of wagered money to be paid back to gamblers over time from the slot machine games. Return to player is calculated based on a minimum of 1,000 plays. It is a pointer of the long-term routine a player may expect to see from playing a particular game. However, it doesn’t account for what may take place in the short term.

There are many casino players, so while the percentage of real money player’s gamble collectively, it will be returned back at some point.  When they are individuals, it is highly possible to get nothing. Other players may get more money than the money wagered should gamblers be many, others will get less than the required RTP. Keep in mind that a lot of games are being played before machine pays out its RTP.

Return to Player

What is a casino RTP?

Return to Player is a percentage that shows how often a gambler will and may win. The higher the percentage, the more the player is likely to win. If the return to player goes above 100 per cent, it means that the casino lost money to its players on that certain game.

Return to Player – Online Casinos

Online casinos have the biggest competition compared to land-based casinos. Internet casinos compete against a global market than the geographical competitors. RTP at web-based casinos is expected to be higher than that of brick-and-mortar casinos. It gives gamblers a big chance of winning when gaming online. It’s not uncommon to see RTPs of 80% at offline casinos, while online casinos are of 90%.

RTP -Return to player

The Other Side of the House Edge

RTP can be seen as the other side of the house edge. For example, a casino table game such as American Roulette has the house advantage of 5.26%, then the RTP can be seen as 100% – 5.26% = 94.74%.