Metal Casino Adds Ozzy Osbourne as Brand Ambassador

Ozzy Osbourne, also known as the Prince of Darkness, has turned his attention to online gambling. The ‘Rock God’ has just been named brand ambassador for Metal Casino, a metal-themed online casino. As a musician, Osbourne created some great music, shaping the genre for decades. So, it’s long overdue that he takes part in a casino that features metal music.

Metal Casino launched in August 2017, and has made a name for itself when it comes to gambling. Their online gaming site is popular amongst casino players and metal fans alike for their unique offering. This includes ‘hard rocking games,’ metal music and bonuses related to rocking on while playing casino games. Those familiar with Rizk and Guts casino game selections will be happy to know that their suite is full of great casino games.

Metal Casino Adds Ozzy Osbourne to All-Star Lineup

Ozzy Osbourne buys Stakes in Metal Casino

On top of his ambassador status, Mr Osbourne has also become a partial owner of Metal Casino. He joins a number of ambassadors for the site including Scott Ian of Anthrax; as well as The Backyard Babies’ Dregen and Nicke Borg. More artists have joined the line up in recent months, adding a lot of traction to this uniquely-themed site.

Ozzy Osbourne was the frontman of the band Black Sabbath from the 1970s, and quickly became known for being straightforward. In a statement about his new role, he said that they came across as a great brand because they are ‘all about being true, relevant and dedicated to the customer.’ For him, he said that’s what he’s ‘been trying to do’ his whole life.

Metal Casino Offerings

Players at Metal Casino have access to great games, and some exclusive content. They offer merchandise, concert tickets with backstage passes, and cash prizes on top of the games. Clas Dahlén, the Chief Marketing Officer for the site, said that their partnership with Osbourne would help to create a platform for ‘metalheads and casino lovers to share their passion.’

When so many casino sites are struggling, it would seem that Metal Casino have hit a niche in the gambling industry. With so many high-profile ambassadors on board, we hope to see more from this online casino in the future. For more great gambling and casino news, keep visiting Maple Casino.