Ontario Sees Sports Betting Grow

Seeing as Canada is one of the strictest countries when it comes to gambling, this next announcement will shock most. The Ontario gambling agency is looking to allow online Sports Betting.

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) seems to be looking for investors to help with their campaign on Sports Betting. This is an indication that OLG is looking to expand. If that wasn’t enough, sports bettors are about to get another shocking surprise. Rumour has it that OLG is looking to add in eSports Betting offerings as well.

Ontario Canada

Ontario Lottery and Gambling Corporation

In a report by the National Post last week the OLG has been seeking out a company that will assist them with mobile as well as online Sports Betting. This will allow players to place live bets while specific sports games are ongoing. At this particular moment in time, the option to do this is unavailable in Canada. In saying this, the expansion to the OLG will assist in opening up the opportunity to provide novelty and eSports Betting in 2018.

If all goes according to plan, Ontario will get the chance to join four other Canadian jurisdictions in offering these novelty and eSports bets as well as online Sports Betting. These include:

  • Atlantic Canada
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba

Atlantic Canadian locals were given the opportunity to access their games as well as a custom alert on their mobile app. Both British Columbia and Manitoba allow their players the opportunity to access novelty bets. These novelty bets can vary from topics such as how much people predict the next Star Wars movie will earn on box office, to Political bets.

Sports Betting Ontario

Currently, one of the most favoured Sports Betting variants in Canada is the NHL hockey betting. All of the best bookmakers see thousands of bets flying in from hockey fans. The new expansion is said to be adding live Sports Betting to the NHL hockey betting options.

We at Maple Casino, are excited to see how this develops over 2018. For more of the latest casino news stay tuned to Maple Casino.