Online Gaming In The True North Comes Into Focus

Online Gaming in Canada is set to come under heavy focus with the ‘grey area’ in gaming regulations set to be filled with favourable laws and investments.


According to American Online Gaming David Martin, these favourable laws are a result of what he refers to as “a de facto non-prosecution policy” which is currently in place in Canada.

As a result of a lack of ample and conclusive provision for the criminal code, Martin has concluded that the laws in Canada should be repealed or removed.

In the True North (Canada) no person has ever been charged with a penalty of any kind for playing online casino games.

Online casinos in thrive under the loophole of the Criminal Code of Canada that only penalizes illegal gambling activity that falls under recognized areas of code. In other words, online operators have found many ways to avoid being classified under the current criminal codes in Canada.

Another crucial cog in these developments is Online Provider Giants, Amaya’s ambitious plan which involves taking over the online gambling market which was launched with the technology developers’ $4.9 billion acquisition in August of 2014 of the gaming platform Rational Group’s assets, which include the massive online gaming brands PokerStars and Full Tilt.

This has inevitably sparked Amaya’s approval for inclusion by the Toronto Stock Exchange and this has convinced Martin further of the legitimacy of online gaming in Canada.

Reports are that Amaya is also planning to enter the American market, most likely via its PokerStars brand through New Jersey.