Online Betting and Casinos Ruled Against by ASA

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has picked up on marketing communication from an affiliate site that is associated with four online betting and casino sites. 888 Holdings, Sky Betting, Ladbrokes, and Casumo, are being slammed by ASA for the advertorial piece that was published on casinohacks.co and 24hourlynews.co.uk.

The advertorial was published between March and June earlier this year. ASA raised the concern that the piece is painting the picture that gambling is a solution to financial difficulties and depression.
Online Betting and Casinos Ruled Against by ASA

Details of the Advertorial Piece

In an advertorial that was linked to Ladbrokes, it featured a man who was depressed and had a lot of medical bills. The medical bills were for his wife who had cancer which left him in debt. While he was at the hospital updating his friends and family about his wife’s progress, he came across a promotion. For a moment, he had decided to ignore the advertising; however, he decided to view the promotion.

The advertorial goes on to say that William won money that was 30 times his yearly salary from just a single spin. Due to striking it lucky, his financial and debt problems were over.

ASA’s Findings of the Others

ASA mentioned that the other ads for 888 Holdings, Sky Betting and Casumo were also of a similar promotion. The ad that was promoting 888 had a link that was directed to the brand’s site.

In response to these findings, the online betting and casino brands have said that the advertorials were done by the affiliate sites without their consent. After they found out about them, they asked the affiliate sites to take them off their sites.

According to ASA, even though it was not the actual brands that produced the ad, it was promoting them directing readers to their sites. This was seen being socially irresponsible on their part.

Conclusion – ASA

The four brands have come out to say that they have terminated their agreements with the sites because of breach of contract. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has made it clear to the online sports betting and casino brands that they should be clear in their marketing communication in the future.