New Hulu TV Series – 11.22.63

Are you looking for a brand new series to invest some valuable downtime hours in? Well, 11.22.63 just might be that new and exciting series you’ve been waiting for this March. Set in the genre of Sci-Fi and Mystery, it merges into becoming a bit of a Thriller. The series is based on the novel, of the same title, written by Stephen King. This explains, to some extent, why the Hulu series seems to have garnered so much traction. The other reason is James Franco. James Franco stars as the lead character who embarks in a tumultuous time-travel journey where his ultimate goal is to go back in time and prevent the assassination of J.F. Kennedy.

James Franco - 11.22.63

More about 11.22.63

In addition to Stephen King and James Franco, the series also boasts having an award-winning and blockbuster film direct, J.J. Abrahams as its producer. The first few episodes of the series are, in fact, out and fans of the novel have quickly become fans of the 11.22.63 TV series.

It sounds easy enough right? Travel to the past and prevent a simple assassination of a president. Well, there are of course a few hitches. Be warned the next few lines may contain content of a Spoiler nature.

  • Every time Jake Epping (James Franco) travels to the past, it takes him to one specific time: September 9, 1958.
  • No matter how long someone who travels to the past stays there (1 hour, a few days, or even a year), only 2 seconds would have passed in their present, which is 2011.
  • Changes can be made in the past, but if the time traveller goes to his present – the changes would be reset, i.e. they never would have happened.
  • The past doesn’t make it easy for Jake Epping to make any kind of changes. It constantly throws up obstacles and life-threatening challenges.

In conclusion, 11.22.63 has its current audience sitting at the edge of their seats. It’s mysterious and thrilling and has fans waiting to see how the events will unfold. It’s a recommended TV series that manages to score an IMDB rating of 9.0 with only a few episodes having been released.