An Unlikely Poker Player turns her Hobby into Gold

A 47-year-old psychologist from Sherwood Park, who is also a mother of three, was pleasantly surprised when she was informed that she would be part of the NHL Alumni Charity, after she had been a recreational player dabbling in online Poker. Growing up with card games like Rummy and Canasta, Mary Pudmoreff surprisingly learnt the poker game online as a hobby. She began to enjoying casual games of Poker on Pokerstars.net, which she played alongside her husband as a cheap date that kept them entertained.

Hobby turned Gold - Canada

Hobby turned Gold

Initially playing for free money, Pudmoreff, inched her way into playing for cash. Before she knew it, she was playing around six Poker games simultaneously. This is when she got the momentous call to join the prestigious NHL Alumni tournament that features Pro Poker stars such as Johnathan Duhamel and Daniel Negreanu. Pudmoreff will be playing for a grand prize of $100,000 for charity organization, Little Warriors, who work for the treatment and prevention of child abuse.

Despite her success as a Poker player Pudmoreoff does not put the game at the top of her priorities regarding the sport as a part-time activity. Her family and work stills comes first, despite her putting a little more time towards the game she learnt online. While most Poker players have years of experience behind them, the power of the internet and numerous free money deals available online give many potential players a chance to rise up the ranks of the game and play with the stars.

Best of luck Mrs. Pudmoreff for your tournament at the end of July!